Why do we think that volunteering  is such a good thing to do? We believe that volunteering is worthwhile, no matter what our background is.

As we all know, volunteering is an activity which takes place through not-for-profit and community organizations and projects or local community and is undertaken to be of benefit to the community and the volunteer. One of organization that open for volunteering  is ASEAN Youth Organization, a one stop sharing organization in ASEAN.

Until now, A.Y.O has grown rapidly and has currently around 10,000 active members and more than 400,000 followers in our social media platform coming from various countries in ASEAN and everyone is able to apply to be ASEAN Youth Organization’s volunteer.

There are several steps for volunteering in A.Y.O., firstly we should fill in the form available on website and A.Y.O. Human Resources team will contact us for interview.  An interview time will be set with us to discuss our skills, desires and interests so as to better match available volunteer roles with potential volunteers. If we pass the selection process, we will officially informed by ASEAN Youth Organization.

In ASEAN Youth Organization, we do some activities depend on our division or department in A.Y.O., there are several programs which are running by A.Y.O. such as ASEAN Youth Organization Training Program, A.Y.O. Campaign, A.Y.O. Charity, Seminar and Workshops.

Being one of A.Y.O families is a really wonderful experience. We can deliver a wealth of benefits including a means of building self-esteem and confidence, a great way to learn or develop skills and interests, a pathway to enhance work experience, enhance our ability and get active, and the most important thing, ASEAN Youth Organization gives us a way to meet new people and broaden our social circle.

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