ASEAN Youth Organization (A.Y.O.) is an international non-governmental organization that focuses on spreading awareness about ASEAN, fostering mutual understanding and long-lasting relationships among the youth across all countries and cultures through Youth Empowerment and Community Engagement. Founded on August 13, 2015, it is composed of youth members and volunteers aged 17-40 years old.

A.Y.O. is currently headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. Aside from this, the organization is present in all ASEAN states through its networks. In addition, A.Y.O. is also present in non-ASEAN states as Australia and Japan. Other states with youth interested in ASEAN and the organization are also invited to establish A.Y.O. networks in their countries. Through these networks, the youth can further propagate interest in ASEAN, and open discussions and ideas to spread awareness on ASEAN and empower and engage the youth and the community in the process.