Uniting People Through The Cultural Diversity in ASEAN

Culture is something that was made long time ago. It was made because of the traditions, how the people interacted and reacted, how they saw things, and some of the cultures tell us how their perspectives are. Every groups of people has their own cultures. That’s why the world we live in has uncountable amounts of cultures.

Cultural diversity can be a challenging issue to handle when it comes to uniting people and uniting several countries. But in the right hand and with the right way, cultural diversity can also be the greatest weapon. One country’s cultures are great enough, now I can only imagine if all of the ASEAN’s countries’ cultures are all mixed together, in the right way. Culture is a very important thing for a country because how one country runs depend on the culture and traditions they have been having for years or even decades.

The key to all cultural diversity is to stay connected and be open-minded. Open minded person with the ability to stay connected with other countries are something we need in days like these. Not all people have the ability to be open-minded with new things and changes, like our parents’ generation, they barely can keep up with all the updates and changes that are happening in thepresent and possibly, in the future. In this case, millenials take the biggest part to help the countries to unite through cultural diversity.

Millenials generations have the curiousity unlike any other generations. They want to always get update and also upgrade, and that’s why millenials can’t be seperated with technology. Because with technology, that is where they learn things. That is where they figure things out, and that is where their open-minded mind comes from. And I think that make sense because if they cannot accept new things they will not be using technology because technology tend to change every single time. They do updates now and then, if we can’t be as flexible as technology, then we will not operate is as best as we can.

The Millenials role in this case is to be as flexible as they can be, as open as they can be to accept all the cultural diversity and to unite people through it. And millenials are not alone, the other older generations will also help but sometimes the breakthrough is needed and the millenials are the one who will definitely do that. But, when it comes to cultural, the millenials have to be very serious about it because as I said earlier, culture is something that made a country so if someone mistaken it, the effect will be big for both the country and the citizens there. With all the technologies, I think it would be a bit easier for millenials to unite people because they have the technology that is modern enough to gather people from another country. Like social media, millenials often uded it for things like posting pictures,, ranting their opinions, making fun of something, and so, but they rarely used it for the better purposes like discussing issue that is happening in the world, or war between another country, etc.

Millenials should consider using technologies such as social media for spreading influences and ideas about the cultural diversity so lots of people will respond about it. The respond will not always be that great but at least it is worth a shot. Because, uniting people is not just about gathering lots of people from different race, gender, etc, but ut is also about their ideas, minds and still one perspective.

Through their multiculture, I think we can agree that each countries’ culture might be different from the others, but all culture have to be upheld and fully respected because it is our ancestors heritage. The culture diversity should be a window to people that all culture can live together among them without having any conflicts.

But not every cultural diversity can be conflict-free, but I am sure we can solve it with the right way. For example, the culture war between Indonesia and Malaysia that happened years ago. As we can see, Indonesia struggled so hard to fight for their culture that was stolen by Malaysia. I think it’s not a common issue but it is inevitable. Because we live with Malaysia for years we became similar with them.

But in the end, we can solve it and I know we will always be able to solve it because as mentioned previously, we can live with people from different race, gender, and culture and still live well without fighting or having any conflicts. Because cultures are made to unite people through it’s diversity, not breaking or separating people because of it’s peculiarity.

I think cultures are so unique because it tells you how it used to be back in the old days, it tells you how the people are reacting to it, it tells you traditions, etc. And that’s the main reason why it is unique. Culture needs to be conserve.

By Jovitalnez Alethea Panjaitan

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