UN Day: A Diamond Jubilee, for the Extraordinary.

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UN Day: A Diamond Jubilee, for the Extraordinary.

It’s 1945, and the Second World War has just ended. The horrors of the war were still heavily instilled in everyone’s mind; it was a gruelling fight with devastating tolls for all. At the time, everyone was sore and held resentment towards their opposition in one way or another. 

That was until the allies of World War II decided to call it a day, and gather together to make a joint declaration. The goal was to make an intergovernmental organization with the aim of preventing future wars. In other words, an agreement among countries to hold a ceasefire. Thus, the UN was established, and the rest was history.

As a matter of fact, the formulation and negotiation of the UN had started since the Second World War was still happening. The discussion went back and forth in conferences, until an agreement was reached. The idea of eliminating possibilities of future wars piqued and aligned with everyone’s interest, so naturally countries started joining in. (Bohlen 159)

Fast forward 75 years later, and things are arguably better in every aspect. The 24th October just gone marks the exact moment where the UN officially came into existence; it’s the day when The UN Charter was ratified by the five permanent members of the UN’s Security Council, along with the majority of the signatory countries.

The United Nations precedes ASEAN by almost two decades. Despite this, the relationship between UN and ASEAN is strong, proven by the fact that the UN granted ASEAN an observer status in 2006, which in turn enables ASEAN to participate in the UN assembly. ASEAN then awarded a status of dialogue partner to the UN, a sign of appreciation and gratitude to the UN’s kind gesture.

All members of ASEAN are members of the UN as well. Most joined during the first two decades of the UN’s existence; with the exception of Brunei Darussalam, simply due to the fact that Brunei hasn’t acquired its independence yet; and Vietnam due to its political instability at the time.

Contribute, the only way to thrive.

Robin Sharma said, “Success is not a function of the size of your title but the richness of your contribution”. This view is applicable to individual lives, as well as organizations that share mutual goals, such as ASEAN and the UN. Both organizations’ goals will be impossible to achieve without contribution from their members.

The UN has several goals throughout the years. Initially established with a single intention to prevent future wars, the UN has grown into having multiple goals expanding in several different aspects. In the year 2000, the Millennium Summit conceived the 8 points of Millennium Development Goals. These goals, abbreviated as MDG, were targeted to be achieved by 2015. (The United Nations)

Succeeding these goals is the 2030 SDG, or Sustainable Development Goals. More goals are added; now consisting of 17 goals instead of mere 8 of the MDG. Understandably, each of the ASEAN members has different strategies in accomplishing the SDGs, mainly due to their difference in GDP. Despite this condition, all ASEAN members show great determination in attaining the SDGs. 

Take Vietnam for example. Its GDP per capita might be classified as mid-lower among ASEAN countries, yet it prioritizes the accomplishment of 2030 SDG in its National Action Plan. Its record of accomplishing 2015 MDG is also proven; having fully achieved several of the goals such as poverty reduction, education, and gender equality. (International Monetary Fund 23)  

Another example would be Lao PDR. It bases its monitoring and evaluation framework on SDG 2030, meaning its future national development plans will go hand-in-hand with SDG 2030. 

Despite not having a standardized system among the members, the commitment of implementing and contributing to achieve 2030 SDG is evident across all ASEAN countries. 

UN75, Shaping Our Future Together

It is undeniable that the world is currently facing a major crisis, albeit it may have been settling down lately. Nevertheless, it is up to us youths to partake in making the world a better place. As 2020 marks its 75th anniversary, the UN launched an initiative so the public can voice their ideas, and work on them afterwards together. Even this initiative existed with public suggestions, particularly youths like us. 

Do you want a good future for yourself? Do you have great ideas to make the world a better place? Why not make it for everyone? 

The UN75 initiative aims to create a better world, initially by overcoming the pandemic, and then create a better future for ourselves, and the next generation. Hopefully, we will be able to reach it by the UN’s centennial anniversary in 2045. We can voice our ideas, as well as hearing others’ as well! Oh you’re curious now? You can click here to learn more about UN75’s Conversation. 😀

It doesn’t take much to start contributing. All you ever need, is the will to do it.

Summary, for the time-efficient readers

This year marks the UN’s 75th anniversary. Initially established as a way to eliminate the possibilities of future world wars, the UN has grown into a supranational organization, spanning in a multitude of aspects of humanity. It wasn’t an easy start for the UN, but eventually, everyone agreed that humanity needs to be prioritized. Thus, the UN’s Millennium and Sustainable Development Goals were conceived. 

ASEAN was created 20 years after the UN, and has since seen incredible progress in promoting peace, development and international cooperation. ASEAN is currently dedicated to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, and is a key player on the global stage. 

Nowadays, despite facing numerous hurdles, almost all countries are implementing the Development Goals in their own national development plans. This means that everyone is contributing to making the world a better place; a noble goal, for the best possible future. 

In regards to the anniversary, there’s an initiative where you can voice your ideas, as well as listening to others’. Then you can work together on the ideas with people worldwide. This initiative is called UN75. For details regarding this initiative, you can learn more by visiting the website.


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