A.Y.O Laos



Laos, as known as Lao P.D.R., Lao People’s Democratic Republic is a landlocked county situated in the heart of Indochinese peninsula, it’s also the only country of ASEAN which has no access to the sea. With the population of seven-million, Laos, even-though is also considered as the land-link country, being one of the fastest economic growing-countries of ASEAN since it shares borders; and has strong disciplinary cooperation with 4 ASEAN member countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar, as well as China. Wherein. In 2013, Laos was awarded as the most tourist destination country by the European Union in which there are plenty of fascinating tourist places showing that it’s tourist industry is growing greatly.

Established at the same time as other networks by actives young people, A.Y.O. Laos’s mission is to promote and focus on spreading awareness of ASEAN; fostering mutual understanding and long-lasting relationships among the youth across the country and ASEAN. In the other side, the organization also aims to be a platform for young people in Laos to develop their skills and competences on International relations and the mechanics of working as an International Non-governmental Organization through Youth empowerment and community engagement. Consisted of members both from Vientiane and provinces, A.Y.O. Laos has been one of the most active networks by organizing projects that empower the youth in Laos and engage their respective communities to instill and implement forward-looking ideas that would result in positive change.

Our team also actively involve in collaboration activities with other organization and volunteering during the event also. By our strong visual goals, A.Y.O. Laos really hopes being one of the main elements creating great integration among members of ASEAN Community by preparing Lao young professionals as well as hopes seeing the fruitful contributions to the idea of integrative ASEAN by these young people who are becoming the change and the leaders of ASEAN.

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