A.Y.O Myanmar



ASEAN Youth Organization Myanmar is currently active network of ASEAN Youth Organization in Myanmar. Establishing as a network committee of ASEAN Youth Organization in May 2016, ASEAN Youth Organization Myanmar has now 15 network management and committee members, nearly 100 active volunteers in Myanmar.

Under the constitutions, visions, and missions of ASEAN Youth Organization, ASEAN Youth Organization Myanmar developed priorities sectors to be performed in Myanmar including Volunteering Experiences, Educational Platform, Youth Empowerment, etc. The reason why we represent as a network branch of A.Y.O in Myanmar is to meet goals and missions of A.Y.O in Myanmar and to spread awareness of ASEAN which we stated during the press conference with several medias in Yangon, Myanmar on August 15th, 2016

ASEAN Youth Organization Myanmar uses Facebook as main public relations channel. Under current management team, the network got obvious developments such as the reputation of ASEAN Youth Organization had raised, the engagements with several organizations occurred and got involved in several community development actions of Myanmar. In June 2016, ASEAN Youth Organization Myanmar network had been collaborated with a global entrepreneurial training program called “Around the World” organized by Enactus, University of Ottawa. As the result, we hold a two-day event in Yangon where several youths were actively participated and the event was also broadcasted in largest Myanmar Media channel called Sky Net.

Recently, A.Y.O. Myanmar cooperated with AIESEC Myanmar for Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) and took nearly 6 months in Yangon and central Myanmar. The project mainly focused on youth empowerment, personal and inter-personal skills training. We empowered over 1,000 youths during the programs. Cheerfully, we were highly appreciated by both respective universities and students which were involved in the projects. A Government Broadcasting Station called Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV)gave us an opportunity to participate in ASEAN Spotlight Program which were organized by Government’s Broadcasting Stations of ASEAN countries to celebrate ASEAN 50th Anniversary in 2017 and A.Y.O. Myanmar was selected as Youth Volunteer sector category.

The documentary records occurred in conjunction with ASEAN Youth Organization Myanmar’s voluntary campaign and annual meeting during December, 2016. The campaign included charity actions in an orphanage, training and education about ASEAN knowledge sections. The program is now live in the channel every week on Thursday morning. ASEAN Youth Organization Myanmar revealed that ASEAN Youth Organization missions had partially been completed throughout the year and we will be focus on new plans and programs ahead of the new year and also the network will represent Myanmar in the organization in commitment of One Caring and Sharing Community: Towards One ASEAN

The latest activities were Youth Empowerment Project 2.0 and now the network is well functioning its regular tasks. According to collaboration with International Peace Youth Group (IPYG-South Korea) during 2016, AYO Myanmar has now engaged to some conversations with them for upcoming projects and activities in 2017.
ASEAN Youth Organization Myanmar network eagers to maintain its current form and will be running as one of the leading networks of ASEAN Youth Organization in general. The network will try to achieve goals and missions of ASEAN Youth Organization in Myanmar and we are always open any suggestions, options and collaborations for common purposes.


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