A.Y.O Vietnam



A.Y.O Vietnam underwent a fundamental reform in early 2016 and has since become an active youth organization in Vietnam. In the context of youth engagement in Vietnam, A.Y.O Vietnam’s main objectives include connecting Vietnamese youngsters with their ASEAN counterparts, encouraging local youth’s engagement in community development through various online and offline projects and raising Vietnamese youth’s awareness of ASEAN as “One Vision, One Identity, One Community”.

Within the first few months of reestablishment, A.Y.O Vietnam Facebook page has doubled the amount of followers and gained significant engagements from many Vietnamese and ASEAN youngsters. Currently, A.Y.O Vietnam Facebook page has nearly 7000 youth followers from all ASEAN Member States.On August 20, 2016, A.Y.O Vietnam successfully organized the first online project featuring guest speakers from ASEAN Countries named: Webinar: Exchange Programs – Having A Smart Application Strategy. This online event attracted more than 150 registrations and garnered over 660 views on Youtube within the first day of broadcasting. 

In October 2016, A.Y.O Vietnam officially became a part of 2030 Youth Force – The network of youth organizations across Asia-Pacific established by United Nations to encourage youth in working together towards achieving 17 Sustainable Goals (SDGs). Ever since, A.Y.O Vietnam members have actively participated in different activities organized by the network, including Youth 4 SDGs Workshop hosted by UN, Lang Kien Camp (Ant Village Camp), regional meetings, etc. Recently, A.Y.O have cooperated with ASEAN Coralranger Project to propose a coral – awareness raising camp in Da Nang – Vietnam to the 2030 Youth Force network grant competition. This proposal advanced to the final round and is under consideration for official approval. In April 2017, A.Y.O Vietnam officially received a small grant from Arizona State University to organize a mini-project on ASEAN themes. The project is scheduled to be organized in mid- or late 2017.

A.Y.O In addition, A.Y.O Vietnam has recently piloted an online project to encourage and recognize youth’s efforts in contributing to their community named Youth2Projects. This project features an active youth organization each month, promoting their activities to A.Y.O Vietnam’s social network followers. In the future, A.Y.O Vietnam will make greater efforts to accomplish the aforementioned goals and will serve as a strong network of A.Y.O in general.

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