Creative Thinking For An Innovative Business Technology: Industry 4.0

As we know that current technology is increasingly developed and there is progress where human life has been surpassed before by the change in the industrial revolution 1.0 in the process of producing goods, namely making everything with a steam engine. This discovery is very important, because before the advent of steam engines, at thatContinue reading “Creative Thinking For An Innovative Business Technology: Industry 4.0”


ASEAN Youth Organization (A.Y.O.) is an international non-governmental organization that focuses on spreading awareness about ASEAN, fostering mutual understanding and long-lasting relationships among the youth across all countries and cultures through Youth Empowerment and Community Engagement. Our vision is to create a world where youths exhibit a heightened interest on ASEAN through our activities thatContinue reading “AYO”

2017, a Special Year for ASEAN

2017 is a very special year for Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). This regional organization is commemorating its 50th anniversary on August 8th. This year, ASEAN is also commemorating its 40th anniversary of partnership with couples of its strategic partners, United States of America and European Union. Since its foundation, ASEAN has been progressingContinue reading “2017, a Special Year for ASEAN”