Tokyo Olympics

ASEAN’s Gold Grabbers

Competitiveness is in our blood. No matter how big or small the game, we are all in it to win it. Striving for Gold at the Olympics is one example.

Inner Peace Image

A Pursuit Of Inner Peace

Nowadays, we can have everything quickly. However, these fast-paced, almost instantaneous events of life tend to take a toll on our emotional health.

Then, how does one avoid the dangerous emotional toll?

Cybercrime Image

Cybercrime: Atrocities Gone Digital.

Crimes and atrocities evolve as quickly as technology develops. With it, new forms of attacks are brought into life. You might not be harmed physically, as with conventional crimes, but these attacks are as dangerous as the conventional ones, if not more.

Green Ramadan Image

Green Ramadan

If we aim to improve our Ramadan to be an even greater one, we should also pay attention to nature. That is, to make our Ramadan a green one!


Festivals: From the People, to the People.

It’s been a cumbersome year for all of us, and we’re sure that you’re longing to go out attending festivals. The ecstasy is unlike any other. Well, a new year, a new dream. Hopefully by this year, we can finally acquire a way to beat the pandemic, thus making us able to go out safely.