Mindfulness: Living in the Moment

Mindfulness is a state of awareness and acceptance of one’s thoughts and emotions in a gentle, non-judgmental way. This means intentionally observing one’s thoughts and feelings, without avoidance and aversion, and without labeling the thoughts and feelings as good or bad, right or wrong. Mindfulness is about being in the present moment rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

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Life Skills to Learn in Your 20s

If you are feeling lost in your 20s, you are not alone. It is okay if you are still figuring your way in your 20s. Age does not provide all answers; it provides perspectives.

Here are five life skills we think people in their 20s should learn to navigate the adulting journey better.

Vietnam handing over ASEAN chairmanship Image

ASEAN Chairmanship 2021: Brunei Darussalam

At the closing ceremony of the 37th ASEAN Summit in Hanoi on 15 November 2020, Vietnam handed over the chairmanship of ASEAN for 2021 to Brunei Darussalam.

According to Article 31 of the ASEAN Charter, the chairmanship of ASEAN is rotated annually among its ten members, based on the alphabetical order of the English names of the member states.


Ushering in the New Year with Festivals

A new year is a fresh start, brimming with hope, opportunities and possibilities. What better way to celebrate the new year than literally soaking in the festive atmosphere with others at a new year festival? Festivals are not only celebrations of humanity and life but also expressions of cultures and traditions. Want to know a country better? Then be sure to join the locals in one of their festivals for unforgettable fun and meaningful experiences.


Food – Our Common Ground

Food is more important than we think. It fulfils a basic human need for sustenance – rich or poor, young or old – we all need food to survive. Food connects people. Enjoying a meal together with others helps to build and maintain relationships necessary for us to thrive. A universal language, food is a common thread that binds humanity in an increasingly fractured and divided world.


Towards Sustainable Tourism in ASEAN

Sustainable tourism is defined by the World Tourism Organization as “tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities.” In other words, tourism-driven growth should not be achieved at the expense of the well-being of people and the planet.