Towards Sustainable Tourism in ASEAN

Planes parked idly on runways. Borders shut. Once bustling streets and shops are eerily empty and quiet. Travel has come to a halt as the Covid-19 pandemic rages on relentlessly.  In envisioning a post-pandemic world, many conversations have been focusing on rethinking the future of work and rebooting ravaged economies. An important but often missingContinue reading “Towards Sustainable Tourism in ASEAN”

Unity in Diversity: The ASEAN Identity

The concept of identity is complexly intertwined with language. People who speak multiple languages often struggle with defining their identity, as language is a core part of one’s identity, playing an intricate role in their development and sense of self. This is especially a problem for ASEAN member states which are home to the highest percentage of multilingual citizens in the world. So what does it truly mean to be ASEAN?

Hawker Centre – A Place We Call a Second Home

What do you first imagine when you think of Singapore? Maybe you will think of the iconic lion statue in Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands, and a paradise for foodie travelers who want to try various Asian foods. A place that is undoubtedly a must for those of you who want to taste a varietyContinue reading “Hawker Centre – A Place We Call a Second Home”