AYC 2020

ASEAN Youth Conference 2020

AYC 2020 seeks to gather 200 ASEAN youth leaders and change makers from the region who are keen to create and implement an action program regarding their chosen pillar. ASEAN Youth Organization (A.Y.O.) recognizes the youth as catalysts for change and development. ASEAN Youth Conference (AYC) 2020 will be held on 2 consecutive days from 31st Oct to 01st Nov 2020 in an expected online platform and in National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam. The theme of ASEAN Youth Conference (AYC) is “ASEAN Youths pro-activeness, resilience and bonding in Industry 4.0 and future challenges”.

This conference will be the youth’s contribution in implementing the agenda for peace, stability, solidarity, unity, prosperity and sustainability in ASEAN in accordance with Vietnam’s chairmanship of ASEAN, “Cohesive & Responsive”. This conference will gather high-level speakers and practitioners from three pillars of ASEAN and will have the opportunity to gather with other youths from other countries and learn from the experts who will act as the group moderators. The topic of discussion will be based on the three pillars of ASEAN with the following focus:





Saturday-Sunday, 31 October 2020-1 November 2020
at National Economic University, Hanoi, Vietnam (onsite event limited to Local Vietnamese Delegates-NEU Students)

Zoom (online event for International Delegates)

Why You should Join AYC2020
1. Expand your network to the ASEAN Level
2. Learn regional and international experience from academias, industry leaders, businesses executives, Government Ministries, ASEAN Secretariat, UNDP and other NGOs NPOs about Sustainable Development, Gender Equity and Social Inclusion, Environment & Climate Change, Job Training & Youth Development, Economic Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, cross-cultural collaboration, partnership for common goals and more.
3. Share and enhance domain knowledge about ASEAN models with its three pillars.
4. Collaborate with peers from different countries and cultureto build a feasible project proposal that addresses ASEAN pillars’ issue areas, develop implementation plans in your communities and widen problem-solutions to ASEAN context.
5. A chance to get feedbacks and win $1,000 USD project
6. Get ready and be prepared for future challenges and unprecedented disaters.
7. Post-Conference community supports for further personal and community development
8. If you are selected as AYC Delegate 2020, you will received a Year memberships with ASEAN Youth Organization worth for 20USD and AWS Education Program worth $2,000+ a Certificate admitted by International companies in the world.
9. E-certificate as the ASEAN Youth Conference Delegate
Delegate Requirements
1. Age 18-35 years old
2. Good in English (Written & oral)
3. Citizen of ASEAN Member States and ASEAN+6 Member (Australia, China, India, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea)
4. Have a strong interest in ASEAN related issue
5. Able to communicate with other youths from different countries with background, gender, race, religions, culture, etc.
6. Able to attend the whole conference event from 31 October – 1 November 2020.
List of Speakers
1. ASEAN Secretariat (TBC)
2. Jayren Teo, President of ASEAN Youth Organization
3. Emilie Tran, Project Director AYC2020
4. George Nguyen, Director – Founder Google Developers Group
5. Thang Truong, Director of NEU CSIE
6. Quentin Frecon, Innovation Director at Schoolab
7. Luong Nguyen, Head of Solutions Mapping, member of Accelerator Lab in UNDP Vietnam
8. Hui Woon Tan, Founder and Managing Partners at Alley 51 Ventures
9. June Tran, Founder Sfly & CEO Business Blends
1. Processing Fee 6USD upon the registration

2. Participation Fee 22USD will be charged if you are selected as the candidate after the selection process

The Participation fee’s link will be sent to your email together with the announcement of your acceptance.
How to join this conference
1. You have to meet the requirements listed above
2. Check the Payment Detail
3. After the registration, our team will send you the confirmation about your application and you can just wait until 20th October 2020 for announcement of shorlisted candidate
4. If you are selcted as one of the AYC2020 Candidates, our team will send you an email about the event’s detail and the payment link for participation fee and you can continue to the payment process.
5. Lastly, our team will send you the payment receipt and Conference Delegates Handbook and the other informations about the event
Q: How this conference will be conducted?
A: We will conduct this conference via online and offline. The offline conference only applied to the student of National Economic University in Hanoi with following the authority health protocal and via Zoom Online for the rest of the delegates

Q: Can I only attend the conference for 1 day and is there any fee deduction?
A: It is very important for you to attend the whole session, and there is no deduction of conference fee

Q: What email address I can reach if I have a question
A: You can email us at ayc2020@aseanyouth.net and our team will communicate with you. You can also visit our facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/3521040104620708/ to get the response from us

Registration Timeline

  • Final Registration: 17 October 2020, 23:59 GMT+7 Hanoi Time

  • Selection process: 17-20 October 2020

  • Delegates Announcement: 20 October 2020

  • Payment process: 20-25 October 2020

  • Conference Day 1: 31 October 2020

  • Conference Day 2: 1 November 2020

Before you click the registration form, we would like to encourage you to do the payment for the processing fees on the button below.

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