ASEAN Youth Organization Declaration on Myanmar’s Plight

ASEAN Youth Organization expresses its deepest concern to the current situation in Myanmar. We are against any forms of violence and we urge all parties to stop the violence. We extend our deepest condolences to all victims and casualties, particularly towards the Myanmar youths. 

As a non-profit, non-government, and non-partisan organization, we strongly call for dialogue and peaceful approaches in the reconciliation process, while respecting the ASEAN spirit and unity, in the best interests of the Myanmar people including the youths. We would also like to emphasize the need to do so with haste as the pandemic is still a regional problem to tackle together. We have witnessed the unrepairable losses caused by the pandemic such as educational postponements, economic drawbacks, and health issues.

ASEAN Youth Organization reiterates the importance of the pursuit of strengthening regional solidarity, the political stability in the ASEAN Member States is essential to achieving a peaceful, stable and prosperous ASEAN Community. We underscore the need to maintain our unity, centrality, and relevance in the region and to collectively address common challenges. We recognize that the strength of the ASEAN Community lies in putting people at its center. In this regard, we recall the purposes and principles enshrined in the ASEAN Charter, including adherence to the rule of law, good governance, the principles of democracy and constitutional government, respect for fundamental freedoms, and the promotion and protection of human rights.

Brothers and sisters from Myanmar are within our thoughts and prayers from the ASEAN Youth Organization family.

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