When will my selection results come?

Your selection result will come approximately 29 – 30 September 2021.

As for the selected participants, we will kindly ask you to pay the conference fee of USD 15 to proceed.


What is the program format?

Regarding this information, please refer to the “program” section above.

Thank you!

What if I didn’t get accepted?

Don’t worry! You will still have access to some parts of the conference below:

  • Day 1: Opening Ceremony
  • Day 1: Workshop on Critical Thinking
  • Day 3: Panel Discussions

We would love to see you all there!

Programs – If the event is free?

There are several types of events published in the ASEAN Youth Organization. You can join the event depend on your passion and interest. Some of the events are free and some of them are paid events. You can just click the event’s link and check the detail and do registration there. For the paid event, you can get some fee deduction by registering as Mover Member.

Programs – I joined an event and do not receive a certificate. What should I do?

You can check if the event you joined provides certification or not. If yes and you do not receive a certificate, please contact our project manager in charge of that event. Usually, their contact will appear on the Information Button or you can contact project@aseanyouth.net and wait for our team’s response. Before you do that, usually the certificate will be sent to your email no longer than 14 days. So, please be await for it.

Programs – How to join an AYO event?

You can simply click the event’s link and check the detail of the event. If the event is fit to your interest, you can register by clicking the Registration Button and fill in some information about yourself. You will receive a confirmation email together with the event’s zoom link/other platforms. Or if the event is a non-webinar event, please wait until our team contacting you via email.

Programs – Do we get a certificate after the event?

Some of the events provide a certificate and some of the events are not. The certificate could be an e-certificate or physical certificate depend on the event/project type. Every certificate published by the ASEAN Youth Organization has its own unique number and wouldn’t be the same from one to another to avoid duplication and for verification matter.

Programs – Can I join more than 1 event in AYO?

Yes, you can join the ASEAN Youth Organization events as many as you can. You can join our signature events, partnerships events, or other international events listed on the ASEAN Youth Organization’s program page.

Programs – Can I cancel my participation to an AYO event??

Yes, you can cancel your participation in our event. But, as a generation of change, we encourage you to notify us by sending an email to the person-in-charge at least 2 days before the event, so we can give the opportunity to other people.

Partnerships – Which documents should I send with my Partnership Email?

If you want to propose a partnership with ASEAN Youth Organization, you can send us your Proposal, write a brief program in your email, and some information about your institution. For media partnership, please contact us at least 3 weeks before the event’s posting date.

Memberships – Who can be the Member of AYO?

ASEAN Youth Organization is open to everyone without discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or any other factors unrelated to performance within AYO as long as you have a strong interest in ASEAN and community Development. There are 3 types of memberships in AYO, please check page memberships to know more about the benefits of each membership.

Is AYC 2021 a free event?

The ASEAN Youth Conference 2021 is a 3-days-paid-event with USD 5 as the cost of the commitment fee and USD 10 as the cost of the conference fee.


All of the costs collected will be used to cover the operational costs of the program.

Can I use an institution’s name as Brand

To avoid any copyright issue in the future, we encourage you to create your own brand, logo, and program plan to run the AYO Ambassador Programs.

Can I propose a partnerships to other institutions?

Yes, you are allowed to invite other organization as your partner. You can create your own partnerships offer to your partners, i.e. logo exposure to your event’s collaterals that published on AYO Program Page. ASEAN Youth Organization will not responsible with any issues or conflicts on the partnerships carried by the Ambassadors. ASEAN Youth Organization shouldn’t have obligation to use, add, and publish the Ambassador’s partner’s logo as AYO Partners on AYO Partners page. This partnerships is fully become the ambassador’s responsibility.

Can I get certificate?

We have 2 types of certificates for AYC 2021;
1. Certificate of Webinar Participation (Only for the webinar participants at the First Day of the Conference)
2. Certificate of Appreciation as Delegates of AYC2021 (For everyone who joined from the first day to the end of the conference)

Can I add my friends to be my organization’s team?

Yes, you are allowed to add your friends or network to join your organization. This is part of the organization’s growth and strategic plan. Not only that, your active members will get a 60% off for APRO Memberships in ASEAN Youth Organization, where they can get a whole access to AYO Academy, events, and many benefits. You can contact admin@aseanyouth.net for further informations.

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