Diversity and Inclusion in the Work Place

Jakarta, Indonesia, May 20, 2022 – With the aim to promote further international understanding of diversity and inclusion in the workplace among ASEAN youths, ASEAN Youth Organization, a leading non-profit and non-governmental organization in the Southeast Asian region, in collaboration with ASEAN Human Development Organization (AHDO) co-organized the Webinar “Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace”.

This event was attended by hundreds of participants from different countries in the South-east Asia region. Senjaya Mulia, the Founder of the ASEAN Youth Organization opened the session and welcomed speakers to the event. He claimed that Diversity and Inclusion are the most important things to keep our community peaceful and we can live in harmony. Followed by Ms. Lenny Agustine, an AHDO member and the co-host of this event, who has shared with the participants that traditional and modern discrimination, racism and intolerance are happening around us, which imposes a threat to the balance in society. She encourages everyone to be part of the world in building awareness on this issue and is actively involved in combating racism, discrimination and intolerance.

Mr. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, the President Commissioner of PT Pertamina (Persero), during the event, shared his experience on racial issues he faced a couple of years ago and shared on how to be a great leader. He quoted a famous leader, Martin Luther King, Power without Love is reckless and abusive, and Love without Power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is Love Implementing the demands of Justice, and Justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against Love. Mr Basuki also mentioned that as leaders, we should have the courage to give rewards and punishments and be ready to receive hatred. Increase our immunity to face these haters and people who want to push us down. Mr. Basuki also makes an essential point that it is necessary to enforce the laws and regulations to put into action. We need to work together to improve things, learning from people who have been discriminated against.

This event was also attended by an Australian Professor from the School of Social Sciences & Institute Fellow from University Western Sydney University. Professor Karen Soldatić has shared concepts and rights-based diversity and inclusion, strategies to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace and recommendations for stakeholders. The session was followed by Ms. Sotheary You from Cambodia. She shared about how she works to increase Women’s Equality in Cambodia and presented how civil society organization and youth’s role in building a culture of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

Last, Ms. Nissi Taruli from FeminisThemis, shared the findings of research done by Jarum Kayu about Inclusion in the workplace in Indonesia. Based on the research on minority groups, especially women and persons with disabilities, she emphasized that inclusion is not just about providing accessibility. We must learn about the varying needs of each individual, the diversity of identities, and the diversity of access. Start to open up vast opportunities and open doors for people with disabilities who want to develop in their professional work. Don’t forget about the surrounding Human Resources support systems, especially for the Deaf, such as sign language interpreters, typists, and note-takers. A decent and inclusive workplace is to humanize minority groups and marginalized groups.

The webinar serves as a platform for aspiring young changemakers of ASEAN to build positive energy, new insights, and deeper knowledge on diversity and inclusion in the workplace so the ASEAN youth can be the next Anti-Racism changemakers to amplify voices and raise awareness about Diversity and Inclusion mainly especially combating racism.

Ahmad Afryan, Project Development Head, ASEAN Youth Organization

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