Do Innovation For The Society and Let Forbes Appreciate You

Every day, the world evolves swiftly, from technology to media to the economy. These changes may make a living more difficult, but young leaders worldwide are working together to discover new answers in the face of these challenges. It is challenging to transform ideas into realities. To experience the benefits in society, it will take commitment and hard work to construct it step by step. As far as one can think, technology is the current driving force in our lives. Customer demand and necessity influence the trend market. This type of consumer has the potential to lead to technological advancements.

Forbes is a global publication covering business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle. Every year, Forbes publishes a list of the most outstanding young leaders under the age of 30 who make significant contributions. Being named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list is an honor. This honor would mean a lot to young leaders who have successfully turned their ideas into businesses or solutions that address current societal issues.

These are the top three markets with strong, youthful leads expected to expand in 2022!

1. Development of AI

Automation and Artificial Intelligence development are in high demand. It improves and simplifies the lives of customers. They are providing faster and more convenient options for getting their queries answered. AI requires more than simply a catchy name or simple access to work, but also a suitable algorithm. Most large businesses have attempted to integrate AI to become more efficient and keep up with the trends. Each company has its strategy for maintaining AI, including future product development.

Furthermore, firms see this as a clever way to save manufacturing costs rather than hiring paid personnel. Besides that, influencers can bring up AI innovations to earn benefits. There is always a mutualistic synergy from a business aspect.

 Kumu App

Rexy Josh Dorado – Cofounder of Kumu, Philippines – created top-grossing social media apps in the Philippines. Kumu launched in 2018 and provided features for singing, playing games, and watching live streams. Kumu is a modern AI application that embodies the power of AI. Kumu has plans to roll out more services in the future, such as an AI-powered live commerce platform where viewers can purchase things that influencers advertise during live streams. With the presence of Kumu, Dorado received appreciation from Forbes 30 Under 30 in Media, Marketing, and Advertising Category for his wonderful ideas in implementing AI.

2. At Home Medical Monitoring

Even before COVID-19, there was a tendency toward home medical monitoring. Furthermore, the current scenario encourages this idea. Everything has changed today due to a new circumstance. With the demand for easy access from home, healthcare businesses see an opportunity to make consultations more home-friendly. Consumers can conduct medical consultations from their homes via the internet, reducing interactions. They are not concerned about patient data leaks because the condition’s confidentiality is assured. The main idea is to establish a home health care service that anyone who needs it can get with a single click from their smartphones.

Speedoc App

Serene Cai, Cofounder of Speedoc, Singapore – based digital health firm that offers doctor house visits and consultations. Online consultations have increased significantly after the pandemic COVID-19. Customers are more inclined to take care of their health at home under the supervision of doctors. Because of this demand, more than 33,000 patients have scheduled medical appointments via Speedoc in Singapore. Serene and her colleague Shravan Verma have expanded the startup’s offerings to include nurse and ambulance reservations. Serene was recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30 in Healthcare and Science for her innovative ideas in establishing home medical monitoring in the presence of Speedoc.

3. Use of Big Data

Big data is crucial when it comes to privacy. Big data is necessary for business owners to establish accurate customer personas, which will lead to improved personalization. Data can assist in determining the audience’s objectives and issues. Every new trend would be documented in the database, and owners would even speculate about future trends. Big data enables companies to reach out to larger clients that demand personalized information and offerings. Then, to meet the demand, they will customize their specialty products and prepare well to compete.

Liu Siyang, Founder of Beijing Bright Star Culture Media, Beijing, This China-based company recognized for its star ratings, service, and marketing, utilizes big data to help marketers find influencers and opinion leaders to sell their products. Big data, according to Liu Siyang, might assist boost entertainment, particularly in Beijing. Beijing Bright Star Culture Media has risen to the top of the entertainment industry by providing marketing clips and distributing them via short video channels. It has also drawn both domestic and foreign enterprises to work together to display the latest fashion and lifestyle trends. Liu Siyang was honored by Forbes 30 Under 30 in Media, Marketing, and Advertising for his brilliant ideas in implementing Data Base in the presence of Beijing Bright Star Culture Media.

After reading this article, how do you feel? Feel motivated, right? Surely, you will become more analytical and willing to embrace long-term sustainability initiatives for society after seeing the commitment and spirit of youthful leaders. Forbes’ 30 Under 30 designation would be an added bonus for examining their marketing ideas, competencies, and inventions. Besides that, your actions really matter in this world. Now it’s our turn to get involved and make global changes!

Written by: Ariani Bakhitah

Riri currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Strategic Marketing Communications. Influenced by her study, she loved exploring the world through the eyes of many characters and words. Content Creator for ASEAN Youth Organization is one of her favorite roles. Last but not least, she is also known asThe Quickest Responder”. 

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