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You are invited to join our Annual Enviro Summit on March 5th, 2022!
Commitment Fee Required: 5USD

The AYO Enviro Summit 2022 will focus on topics under three pillars: environment and economy, environment and society, as well as environment and technology. The topics that will be discussed under each pillar are as follows:

Environment & Economy

  1. Impacts of sea level rise to the global economy
  2. Ecotourism as a sustainable source of income
  3. Green marketing

Environment & Society

  1. Youth advocacy and participation in climate governance
  2. Zero hunger
  3. Climate migrants

Environment & Technology

  1. Technology for eco-friendly homes of the future
  2. Technology to restore lost biodiversity
  3. Can technology go hand-in-hand with conservation?

Event and Program

Who can join?
  • Aged between 15 – 35 years old
  • From or have interest in Southeast Asia
  • Passionate about environmental issues
  1. Ivana Suradja, Director of AYO Enviro
  2. Ikbal Alexander, Managing Director – Kertabumi Recycling Center
  3. Benediktus Wahyu Sadewo, Program Manager – Youth Economic Empowerment of Plan Indonesia
  4. Jonas Agricula, Founding President – Rise For Change, AYO Ambassador Alumni
  5. Kay Vasey, Chief Connecting Officer – Meshminds
How to Join?
  1. Click REGISTER Button below.
  2. You will be directed to new page for payment.
  3. After the payment done, you will receive a link to submit your data.
  4. Please submit the same email during the payment process.
  5. Our team will send you the Zoom Link 2 days before the event to your email
Date and Time

Panel Discussion

Day/Date : Saturday, 5th March 2022

Time : 13.00 – 14.30 pm (GMT+7)

Location : Zoom Meeting


Youth Forum

Day/Date : Saturday, 5th March 2022

Time : 15.00 – 17.00 pm (GMT+7)

Location : Zoom Meeting


Please download the TOR (Term of Reference) HERE

  1. International networks
  2. Knowledge and sharing on Environmental Issues
  3. e-Certificate

*Disclaimer: AYO and AYO Enviro is non-profit organizations. The community is collectively funding our activities. By joining this event, you are part of the community development. All funds collected through the commitment fee will support other future development projects or events.