Why you should join?

We need you to join us creating a peaceful world!  You will be connected to many Peacemakers from different nationalities and working together hand in hand to create a harmony community and promote the diversity of ASEAN!

By joining the #CombatingRacism campaign, you will get the opportunity to get special merchandise by ASEAN Youth Organization and the opportunity to get the Free Access to ASEAN Youth Conference 2022*.
*10 merchandises & 3 free entrance ticket to ASEAN Youth Conference 2022.

What to do?

  1. Create a short video about Anti Racism and upload it to Your Social Media using hashtag #EveryoneIsMatter #CombatingRacism #AntiRacismAgent
  2. Register as Anti Racism Agent on the form below
  3. Join the workshops/Webinar
  4. Actively share the awareness about Anti Racism in the community

Join #CombatingRacism Campaign