AEYC 2022

What are the benefits of joining AEYC 2022?
By joining AEYC you can:
a. Gain in-depth knowledge about ASEAN-European focused issues
b. Obtain international exposure
c. Hone diplomatic ability and speaking/presentation skills
d. Networking with ASEAN/European youths and keynote speakers

How long will the conference take place?
As it is a virtual international conference, we try to accommodate the different time zones. The conference will start before noon until afternoon CEST or from afternoon until the evening SGT.

Is there an age limit to join the conference?
No! Anyone can join the conference regardless of your age.

Will there be group discussions or is it a seminar only?
There will be group discussions within working groups during the conference. You will discuss and work together with other like-minded youths on current ASEAN/European issues.

Are there any requirements to join the conference?
There is a selection process to join the conference as it is limited to 100 participants.
You will be required to fill in some questions on the registration form, which will serve as a selection method of participants.

Is there any fee to join the conference?
No! It is completely free.

Are we going to be classified by the themes that we choose?
No, once you are selected, you can join both days for the whole conference regardless of the topic you chose in the interest form.

Will we receive a certificate?
Yes! You will receive an e-certificate by email after the conference.

Is there a dress code for the conference?
There is no official dress code but it is preferred that you wear a casual formal outfit to demonstrate firm respect to our keynote speakers.

Are we allowed to represent our institution?
Feel free to attach the name of your institution in the registration form. However, we do not provide a particular space for your institution/organization.

Can we sign up as a group?
No, each participant should register individually.

Is there anything I have to prepare if I’m selected?
No, once you are selected, you can try to read over articles on recent ASEAN-Europe. developments and about the speakers’ portfolio to get an impression of which topics will be tackled. Apart from this, just be ready for the conference and look forward to a fruitful exchange with like-minded youths.

Will there be a recording of the conference?
No, there will not be a recording of the conference. Make sure the conference fits your schedule and see you there!


You can download the event schedule HERE

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