Global Youth Roadmap 2020

ASEAN Youth Organization (AYO) was invited by Misk Global Forum as an official partner for Youth Roadmap 2020. The report was launched at annual Misk Global Forum 2020. Powered by MISK Foundation.

The Youth Roadmap is a guiding document for young people from around the world that explores the results of surveys sent out to over 10,000 young people in collaboration with Endeavor, Under 40 CEOs, and ASEAN Youth Organization. The Youth Roadmap also makes recommendations to young people on how they can generate a positive impact and have a positive ripple effect. You can find the full Youth Roadmap in the Learning Space!

ASEAN Youth Organization’s President, Mr Jayren Teo shared valuable insights from the Youth Roadmap 2020.

What is 1 key finding that surprised you the most in the Youth Roadmap?

There is a co-relation between fun, free play and willingness to commit more time to voluntary causes. The majority of the youth view Volunteering as an opportunity for self development, in particular, topics on Socio-Cultural, Communication, Entrepreneurship & Environment. Most importantly, Values & Causes are incredibly important to the youth in terms of making decisions on how they will spend their time.

What is your one recommendation on the best way ahead?

For Youth out there, You should Volunteer in areas that brings you joy, happiness and lots of fun. You have the power to inspire and empower others to create positive impact.

For Impact Organizations, strongly recommend that we create programmes that are fun for youth volunteers. Sir Richard Branson once said, “Take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers.” Similarly, Impact Organizations should take care of their volunteers and they will take care of your beneficiaries. Happiness is contagious, Let’s Spread Happiness.

AYO aims to impact 10 million youth by year 2025 by improving the employability of youth in ASEAN. We are looking for individuals and organizations that would like to support our mission. For more information, please email