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Hello there!

You might have read my poem in our Instagram post. The editor said it’s ‘a woeful attempt’; I’d say it’s brilliant. I mean, how often would you find modern poems with archaic English in them? Ah nevermind.

Carry on.

We’re currently nearing the end of Ramadan month, in which Muslims around the world do the fasting and increase another observance such as prayers and welfare. If you are fasting in Ramadan, you are bound to do sahur/suhoor (consuming a preparatory meal before doing fasting) and iftar (eating to break the fasting after sunset). 

If you are observing Ramadan, we hope that everything is going well. Let us know!

The Problems of the World...

…are quite a lot, actually.

But in this case, the world’s waste and global warming are the ones that we can still fight during Ramadan. In Ramadan, especially in Muslim majority countries, people tend to mobilize more, especially during the afternoon and evening. This is because people will buy groceries & foods for sahur and iftar, and prefer to do it nearing the iftar time since the day is not at its hottest. People will also go to mosques more often compared to non-Ramadan months.

Last year the pandemic was just begun, and most people stopped going out immediately due to lockdowns instated across the world. This also made trips to buy groceries and foods less frequently compared to the pre-pandemic years. Seemingly due to this, Earth felt good. Carbon footprint dipped, wild animals seen in places never before. It was as if nature hit the reset button on humankind’s actions. 

This year, since lockdowns were lifted (though some countries reinstated lockdowns back due to the resurgence of cases), people are going out again. Everything sprung back into action, albeit very, very slowly. This also means the return of harmful effects of humankind; Earth’s temporary rest had come undone.

Ramadan comes, and it’s an excellent opportunity to do observance, as well as taking care of mother Earth. The rewards are going to be enormous!

So what can we do?

First things first; planning.

Yup, for everything to work, we have to plan. Planning trips to buy groceries and foods so that we don’t waste gas and produce unnecessary emissions is one example. 

Next, we bring the ‘green’ to practice

For one, reusable bags. Since shopping for groceries is something that all of us would do, we inevitably need something to carry the items. Instead of using the usual plastic or paper bags, we should just opt to use reusable bags. Buying less packaged foods and buying in bulk will also help. Two hundred forty-two million tonnes of plastic waste was produced in 2016. A solid five years ago. Hopefully, by using reusable bags, we can reduce the number much further than before. 

Also, minimize water use

Humans need water. A lot of it. Not just for direct consumption such as drinking, showering, etc; but also for indirect ones such as growing crops for our foods. We can reduce immediate consumption such as showering, washing dishes, and everything else by using it just as much as we need. Turning off taps when brushing your teeth and using dishwashers are good ways to reduce water consumption.

And lastly, for those who cook, do it smartly

You can use smaller appliances for cooking small amounts of food. Or maybe you can cook in a big batch and prep your meal for a week. This way you can save up on gas & electricity, all while still maintaining enough supply of food.

What’s next?

After doing some of the tips above, I hope you can improve your observance in this sacred month. Also, we can do these not only during Ramadan, but we can also apply them afterward in our daily lives. Also, since Ied al-Fitr is near, we wish you all the best for your Ramadan, may your obedience be rewarded the highest.

Until we meet again.

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Gamal Kevin Alega | @gamalkevin

A law student from Indonesia; currently living in Pekalongan, Jawa Tengah. Highly enthusiastic about languages, cultures, and technology. Joining AYO as a Content Writer with the intention of honing writing skills, as well as enriching connections from various cultures and backgrounds. A proficient eater with 23 years of experience as well.

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