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Let’s get physical: easy exercises to stay healthy at home.

Howdy, partner?

We’re almost midway through 2021. How are you guys feeling so far? I hope everything is going better than before.

This week, I’m going to bring you folks delving into the physical aspect of self-development. Why, you might ask? Well, not only is this aspect vital for our health, but it is also highly beneficial for our productivity.

While many of us pay attention to the importance of physical exercise, there are many more among us who don’t. Especially during these times, lots of people do work and school from home, in which physical activities are done much less frequently than before. This might result in productivity decline. 

As the Roman poet Juvenal said: Mens sana in corpore sano. A healthy mind in a healthy body. If we have a healthy and fit body, it’s going to really help us to stay focused and productive for our tasks and assignments. 

“But I can’t allocate time to do physical exercise!” 

Well, aren’t we all? 

Anyways, the exercises that I’m going to talk about are not complicated, just some basic movements that can ‘sweat you out’. Let’s try these simple exercises that you can do from the comfort of your home. No pricey equipment needed!

1. Planks

Doing Planks

If you never tried doing planks before, this somewhat static and seemingly easy-to-do exercise is actually harder than it looks. Try to do a one minute plank, and I guarantee you that it will be the longest minute you’ve ever felt. This exercise engages your lower back, glutes, pelvis, hips, diaphragm, arms, legs, as well as the abdomen muscles (the six-pack part, or perhaps one-pack if you’re like me); burning approximately two to five calories per minute.

2. Jumping Jacks

Jump and clap, jump and clap, repeat!

Jumping jacks is part of plyometrics or commonly known as jump training. This exercise makes your heart, lungs, as well as your muscles active upon doing it. You burn significantly more calories with jumping jacks compared to a plank (duh) with approximately 10 calories burned per minute.

3. Lunges

This exercise focuses on the lower part of your body. You might need more space to do this one since you’re going to move around a bit. The main types of lunges are stationary lunges and walking lunges. Lunges burn slightly less calories compared to jumping jacks, with only 6 calories per minute.

So what do you think about these exercises? Simple, right?

Do them all, and I am certain that your physical fitness will definitely improve. Better yet, you can make a set of reps or repetitions from these workout exercises, and you get your very own, personalized endurance training. Just like a pro!

Good luck, and stay healthy everyone! 🙌

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