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Creator Team

The CREATOR team work behind the scenes of AYO’s programs. With over 200 members across the globe, they are committed to creating impactful programmes with a focus on ASEAN Youth Development. 


Creator team works on a voluntary basis.


Working together as one and the differences makes us stronger.


A chance to connect to international networks.

Basic Requirements

Strong interest in Youth Development and Social Activities

Love to connect and collaborate with new networks

Have strong communication skills & have the willingness to grow.

Able to allocate time to contribute to the program discussion



Idle period

This time, we are not open for any recruitment.

We will inform the next recuitment via email or social media. So do not forget to follow our Social Media Platforms


To be on the AYO Creator team, the minimum age required is 18 years old, with a maximum age of 35 years old. 

AYO Creator members are located in many different countries in the world. 

70% of our Creator members are ASEAN Citizen, but we also allowed non-ASEAN Citizen (30%) to become our Creator Member as long as you have the interest on ASEAN and Community Development and 

Most of our Creator team are required to have ability to communicate in English.

You must have a strong interest in youth and community development programs, friendships and networking. 

Depending on the role taken. Different position will require different commitment.

Minimum contribution is around 6 months voluntary works

A certificate of appreciation after 6 months joining with a good track record, amazon educate program, international organizational experience, personal development trainings, international networks and many more.

You can contact us at if you have any questions about this recruitment, or chat through our WhatsApp on the bottom left part. Our team will be happy to assist you.