ASEAN Youth Organization founded by two ASEAN youths Senjaya Mulia from Indonesia and Vanna Hay from Cambodia in 2015. This initiation raised because they joined and being part of ASEAN Community Page Administration, an online platform created by a Thai student in 2011 and managed by several youths from ASEAN countries.

Our vision is to create a world where youths exhibit a heightened interest on ASEAN through our activities that Empower Youth, Engage communities to instil and implement ideas that enables Positive Sustainable Change.

A.Y.O. along with its networks, started intensively to initiate and implement projects with focus on Youth Empowerment, Social Volunteerism, and Economic Enhancement.

In overall, all of the programs and projects which were implemented by A.Y.O. resulted in positive outcome. Based on that, A.Y.O. determines to keep creating more projects and programs which can give way broader and positive outcome for the youth and people. We believe our projects can contribute more to raise the awareness of ASEAN Community along with their goals accomplishments.

Our Founders


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