ASEAN Youth Organization started from an online portal which was created by a Thai student, Jirapat Khuanson on August 13, 2011. In the begining, this page aimed to help Thai students to  improve their level of English in the preparation of welcoming the ASEAN Community which would take effect at the end of 2015. The page was under the name of ASEAN Community Page before and was changed into ASEAN Youth Organization, in a few months since the establishment, the page has successfully attracted hundreds of likes. Since then, this page is rapidly growing up as other ASEAN admins, they are Hareez Haiqal from Malaysia, Laurence Alaras from Philippines, and others that contributed to more ASEAN contents creation. ASEAN Community page was particularly managed by ASEAN youths that even study in other parts of countries beyond the ASEAN region. These youths come together with a shared common interest for ASEAN Community Integration.

We find the importance of utilizing social media site such Facebook in accommodating our page, due to overwhelming social media users from ASEAN. In result, as many ASEAN youths are keen in following all updates from our previous ASEAN Community page, it helps us expanding our networks of audiency for ASEAN Community page. We friendly name our followers as ASEANers in hope of creating strong bond amidst ASEAN people. In 2013, we had for about 40 representatives in ASEAN who were actively engaged for the contents promotion on the page. In addition, we were endorsed by the ASEAN Secretariat due to the high and active traffic we had in our page. Hence, we also focused on spreading out information about ASEAN Community 2015.

One of the administrators from Indonesia, Senjaya Mulia proposed an idea of making this ASEAN Community page into more a legal based organization. This idea is meant to create ASEAN Community 2015  better understanding to be lived by the people who further create impacts on society. His idea was eventually agreed by the administrators who started learning on ‘how’ to make a transformation from an online page into a real objective-based organization on their own countries, not merely limited to ASEAN.

In 2014, Vanna Hay, a Cambodian student that stay in Japan organized a meeting that engaged all of ASEAN representatives which results in one declaration that eventually firmly shaped the official establishment of ASEAN Community Organization. The organization was chaired by Vanna Hay as president and Senjaya Mulia as the vice president for the term of 2014-2016. Coming to year of 2015, ASEAN Community Organization were invited to meet officers of ASEAN Secretariat. During the occasion, we discussed several upcoming project plans. They gave us some meaningful feedbacks to follow. They also suggested us to change the name of our organization from ASEAN Community to ASEAN Youth Organization. Thus, we officially changed our organization’s name into ASEAN Youth Organization on August 13, 2015. We agreed on the name change as this was put as the main agenda of our big webinar conference which was attended by our executive committees such Alexander Ikbal and Vicky Thitsa Aung, Rachel Basas and others.

Stepping into 2015, ASEAN Community Organization met with the Public Outreach Department of ASEAN Secretariat and discussed about the programs which were going to be done by the organizations. At that meeting, ASEAN Secretariat gave an advice for the AC Organization to change its name. After the meeting, Vanna Hay, Senjaya Mulia, Rachel Basas, Alexander Ikbal and Vicky Thitsa Aung who were all the member of Executive Committee held an internal meeting online and finally agreed on the change of our organization name from ASEAN Community to ASEAN Youth Organization (A.Y.O.).

By having this 5 objectives, A.Y.O. along with its network chapters in ASEAN and others such Japan and Australia, started intensively to initiate and implement projects with focus on Youth Empowerment. One of the project ideas is biweekly training for all of our members and board. This training is prepared to give more insights and knowledges or even networks for the participants. This can be a good strategy of enhancing the competitiveness among youth in welcoming the ASEAN Community.

In overall, all of the programs and projects which were implemented by A.Y.O. resulted in positive outcome. Based on that, A.Y.O. determines to keep creating more projects and programs which can give way broader and positive outcome for the youth and people. We believe our projects can contribute more to raise the awareness of ASEAN Community along with their goals accomplishments.

Secretary General ASEAN, Mr. Le Luong Minh gives the certificate of appreciation to ASEAN Youth Organization represented by Senjaya Mulia, A.Y.O. President during ASEAN Commemoration day in 2013 for helping the Government to increase the awareness of ASEAN Community to the society.

ASEAN Community Admin Representative (Jay from Indonesia) receiving a certificate from ASEAN secretariat at ASEAN secretariat’s Building, Jakarta in conjunction of celebrating 46th ASEAN Day.ASEAN Community Admin Representative (Jay from Indonesia) receiving a certificate from ASEAN secretariat at ASEAN secretariat’s Building, Jakarta in conjunction of celebrating 46th ASEAN Day.

ASEAN Youth Organization Facebook Page, With 263K likes.

One of A.Y.O. Project in Indonesia called “Volun-Tourism Garut Chapter” aimed to explore, contribute to waste management and biodiversity documentation in Mt. Papandayan.

ASEAN Community Organization declaration, Japan, December 2014. All Representatives from ASEAN Countries came to Japan for meet and proposed the constitution and annual program.

“Sharing what we have now to other people is one of the best thing in life”, -Channita Ouk, Head of Department of Program Development during a Social activity and Youth Empowerment Training in Cambodia.

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