Social Volunteerism

The ASEAN Youth Organisation strongly believes in community-based volunteerism, encouraging increased understanding of our region and support of economic and social reform through non-for-profit and youth led initiatives. A.Y.O proudly boasts a community of 5000 active members and more than 500,000 followers on social media spanning across  our region, who are interested and ready to contribute to the ideals and mission of ASEAN.

The Volunteer branch of A.Y.O is committed to people to people relationships and the creation of tangible change in local communities. A.Y.O has big plans for the year ahead and more broadly the youth of our region and their futures. It is A.Y.O’s goal for 2019 to run a comprehensive volunteer program collaborating extensively with various community based programs and schools, running training sessions and workshops aimed at promoting positive change in-line with ASEAN’s vision.

Not only is A.Y.O focused on what we can do in support of our local communities but too committed to the development and strengthening of youth leadership and the instilment of confidence in our regions young people. Here in A.Y.O we believe that volunteerism not only promotes qualities that are essential for any global citizen but too we hope to open the pathways for the youth of today to become the leaders of tomorrow!

If you wish to contribute to A.Y.O and become one of the many young people of ASEAN who are helping to create positive change, please contact your local chapter and discover the ways you can get involved!

One sharing and caring community

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