Recruitment 2020


ASEAN Youth Organization (A.Y.O.) is an international non-governmental organization that focuses on spreading awareness about ASEAN, fostering mutual understanding and long-lasting relationships among the youth across all countries and cultures through Youth Empowerment and Community Engagement. Founded on August 13, 2015, it is composed of youth members and volunteers aged 15-40 years old. Since its establishment, A.Y.O has strived to become a voice and advocate for ASEAN’s next generation.

A.Y.O.’s main headquarters are in Jakarta, Indonesia. The organization is also present in all ASEAN states through its networks. A.Y.O. is also present in non-ASEAN countries, such as Australia, South Korea, India, and Japan. A.Y.O has also made it a point to allow other states to establish their satellite networks because through this the voices of young people can further communicate the interests of ASEAN on a larger scale. Also, A.Y.O has a strong track record in creating and participating in open discussions and ideas to spread awareness regarding ASEAN to strengthen and empower the engagement that young people have in the community. 

Why join our team at AYO?

  • Increase cultural knowledge
  • Work on a global and international scale
  • Excellent avenue to put English into practice
  • Build an impressive portfolio working with a recognized organization
  • Real-life work applications also applied in this organization
  • Get to know a diverse group of people of various cultural backgrounds
  • Learn from the best and be surrounded by like-minded people
  • Gain professional contacts, qualifications, and networks
  • Represent your own country of origin and play a part in the rising youth movement
  • Being a part of the community and social development
  • After you join us for a minimum 6 months period, you will earn a certificate of appreciation and recommendation letter from ASEAN Youth Organization

Type of Memberships

Everyone in ASEAN Youth Organization works voluntarily, that means we do not offer any financial support to our committee members.


Registration Period : 17-20 September 2020
Announcement of shortlisted candidates*: 21 September 2020, postponed to 23 September 2020
Interview session*: 24-28 September 2020
Announcement of successful candidates*: 30 September 2020

*Subject to change

General Requirements:
Note: Please read the following requirements before applying

  1. 17-35 years old by 2020
  2. Experience in a position where leadership has been exercised
  3. Experience in a position where similar responsibilities and expectations have been set forth
  4. Possess willingness and commitment to learn and have initiative to give efforts in conducting activities. 
  5. Passionate about ASEAN related matters and have strong dedication to ASEAN matters.
  6. A citizen of any nationalities (ASEAN nationalities preferred)
  7. Minimum of High School Diploma or equivalent, higher education is preferred
  8. Minimum 7 hours per week dedicated to A.Y.O. matters for Head position and 5 hours for manager and officer position.
  9. Fluent in English (oral & writing)
  10. Able to attend a monthly meeting (set at end of the month)
  11. Able to attend a department/division meetings set by each department (1-2 times a month)
  12. Minimum 6 months to volunteer with us


  1. Technology and IT Division
    Position: Head of Technology and IT
    Personnel Needed: 1 person
    Specific Requirements:
    1. Possess effective communication skills
    2. Min. two (2) years of experience in the field of technology
    3. Experienced in managing a lean teach team of at least three (3) personnels
    1. Manage the Technology development of AYO’s Platform(s): AYO Website, AYO Membership Management System, AYO Blockchain e-Certificate, AYO Online Academy (e-Learning, includes Data Analytics, AI, Cybersecurity, etc) and AYO Special Projects (Include github open source projects)
    2. Recruit & Manage AYO Technology Team: Web Developer (WordPress), iOS Developer, Android Developer, Data Science, Back-End Developer, UI Designer and UX Designer

  2. Partnerships & International Relations Division
    Position: Partnerships & IR Officers
    Personnel Needed: 7 people
    1. Attend bi-weekly discussions and meetings with the Department
    2. Cooperate with other project collaborators in increasing the involvement of external entities through cooperating with the thrusts and endeavors of A.Y.O. and support the Country Representative to increase the number of local projects
    3. Ensure a good relation with A.Y.O partners
    4. Secure support from external partners through publication in their respective organizations and websites, funding, or other means. Conduct coordination with project collaborators on funding related matters
    5. Analyze partnership programs and communicate with the respective internal department to support the partnerships deal

  3. Marketing Communication Division
    Position open: Social Media Manager
    Personnel Needed: 2 people
    1. Oversees the Content Writers in producing the correct and appropriate content that would affect how A.Y.O. is represented in the global community
    2. Work closely with the Graphic Designers to ensure the publication’s progress
    3. Lead the implementation of social media strategies and decide on the number of posts and content released by A.Y.O.
    4. In charge of matters related to Social Media Partnerships in coordination with other Department within the organization
    5. Attend bi-weekly discussions and meetings with the Department
    6. Familiarize oneself with all media of publication of A.Y.O.: website, social media, physical marketing, publicity, public relations, and design, and regularly check and update them to ensure the vision of A.Y.O. is being interpreted and manifested

    Position open: Content Writer
    Personnel Needed: 2 people
    1. Write contents about ASEAN, particularly related to youth empowerment
    2. Write contents about current trending topics
    3. Create captions for the posts, including national days’ post and events that are conducted by AYO
    4. Plan the publication strategy for AYO projects
    5. Work closely with the graphic designer regarding the content’s design
    6. Attend bi-weekly discussions and meetings with the division

    Position open: Graphic Designer
    Personnel Needed: 2 people
    1. Ensure all A.Y.O. publication materials that require key visuals and designs are submitted on time, in an orderly and appropriate manner
    2. Ensure cultural appropriation in all content produced
    3. Ensure that borrowed content and other key visuals are used with an appropriate license and got permission from the third party
    4. Ensure that the original work is given credit 
    5. Produce original and creative design on his or her own
    6. Design publications for AYO’s projects, including banner and social media posts
    7. Note: Portfolio is required

  4. Country Director AYO Chapter ASEAN & ASEAN+6
    Personnel Needed: 1 per country
    County: Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Australia, China, Japan, South Korea

    Specific Requirements:
    1. Possess effective communication skills
    2. You have to live in the country assiggned
    3. For AYO Country Director of ASEAN AMS, you must hold the nationality of each country assigned (i.e. You must be Indonesian if you apply Country Director of AYO Indonesia)
    4. For AYO Country Director of ASEAN+6, you must hold the country’s nationality or ASEAN Nationality (i.e. Japan or Thai nationality can apply AYO Japan Country Director as long as you are living in Japan)
    3. Experienced in managing a lean team of at least three (5) personnels

    1. Attend bi-weekly discussions and meetings with the Department and other Country Directors
    2. Represent the AYO Chapter and direct over its affairs locally
    3. Direct programs and operational activities of the network
    4. Foster, preserve, and promote the integrity and progress of the chapter through cooperation and communication amongst the members
    5. Build the positive image of the chapter by increasing the local community reach
    6. Seek and ensure legitimate fundraising opportunities
    7. Increase the presence and participation of the network in all aspect related to the ASEAN Development