Volunteering in AYO Image

The population of most countries in the world is dominated by youth. It shows that the vision of countries lies in the hands of our youth. Youth is filled with towering ambitions, optimistic attitude, and they are fully dedicated. However, given these facts, youth are often seen as people who are too old to be irresponsible, yet they’re too young to assume responsibilities. In some places, youth are still having a hard time grasping the essence of participation.

It is wise enough to give some spaces for youth to contribute. Youth are the next generation. As such, they’re the ones who will run the future. This International Youth Day 2018 is a reminder for all of us that youth participation means respect for everyone’s rights to participate. We deserve to be heard because our opinions are central in policymaking. On top of these, youth participation is never useless, but a fruitful attempt to protect our prosperity. We leave this with a quote by Ir. Soekarno, the first president of The Republic of Indonesia, “give me 10 youth, and I can change the world.”

In this chance, we had really fruitful open discussion with several Youth leaders, Jay the Founder of the ASEAN Youth Organization, Fajar from Polyglot Indonesia, and Ichad, Abang None Jakarta 2018. We discussed “Safe Space for Youth” and sharing our experience with others, then followed by Fun gaming, laugh, and networking.