Hello, Millenials! 💡

The youth in our generation have a responsibility to shape the future, for we are the successors of a country and a time. As the agent of change, of course, dealing with things that limit our steps is part of our job. We need to learn and explore more.

Therefore, The Sampoerna University will host a TEDx event in the spirit of “ideas worth spreading” and started our first breakthrough with the theme ‘Perseverance’

💫Let’s come and join us at:

📆 Date        : 20th – 21st March 2021

⏰ Time        : 12.30 – 03.00 PM WIB

📌 Platform : Website Livestream 

The invited speakers are spectacular people. So what are you waiting for? Register yourself through the button below and get a special fee deduction as ASEAN Youth Organization Member.

Use this code promo to get a discount: TEDXPRSVRNC