Call for Papers: 2’d China-ASEAN International Conference

Call for Papers for the 2nd China-ASEAN International Conference on Physical Fitness and Health

2024 marks the ASEAN-China Year of People-to-People Exchanges. To further enhance the international influence of China’s sports science and technology, promote the construction of China-ASEAN sports cooperation mechanism, and establish physical fitness and health promotion as a prominent aspect in international sports exchanges, the 2nd China-ASEAN International Conference on Physical Fitness and Health Promotion, jointly hosted by China Institute of Sport Science (CISS), Sports Bureau of Shaanxi Province, China Sport Science Society (CSSS) will be held in China Xian from October 8 to 12, 2024. With a history of over 6,000 years, Xi’an has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous Chinese dynasties and is a magnificent repository and cradle of Chinese culture. As the political center of Shaanxi Province, Xian attracts global attention with its profound historical heritage and unique cultural allure. We eagerly anticipate your presence at this prestigious academic event, where we will jointly explore the development of national physique and health promotion, and contribute our wisdom and strength to international sport exchanges and cooperation.

The theme of this conference is “Deepen Fitness Cooperation to Drive A Healthy Future“, aiming to facilitate exchanges of cutting-edge theories, innovative technologies, and practice modes for physical fitness and health promotion. The conference calls for papers from scholars worldwide, and encourages them to participate  in academic exchanges and discussions through keynote speeches, orals, mini-orals, posters, and popularization activities.

China Institute of Sport Science (CISS) Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau China Sport Science Society (CSSS)
ASEAN-China Center ( Tentative )

Xi an Physical Education University
Shaanxi Institute of Sport Science
Physical Fitness and Health Branch of China Sport Science Society

Sports Bureau of Macao SAR Government

Experts, scholars, students, and practitioners worldwide ni hte fields of sports, exercise, and health.

How to Participate

(1) Status, trends, and associated factors of physical fitness;
(2) Measurement tools for physical fitness;
(3) Theories, mechanisms, and practical applications of sports ni promoting physical and mental health:
(4) Physical activity measurement, associated factors, and intervention: (5) Status and associated factors of physical literacy;
(6) Sports on improving chronic diseases among different populations; (7) Integration of fitness and health;
(8) Health promotion across all life stages:
(9) Healthy lifestyle and physical fitness;
(10) Physical education and health;
(11) Intelligent, digital, and wearable devices for promoting health in sports:
(12) Creation, dissemination, and application of popularization in health promotions:
(13) Cultural Communication in Sports;
(14) Management and Industry of Sports and Health;
(15) Other studies related ot physical fitness and health promotion.

(1) The abstract should be based on recent research. The submitted abstract must be independently completed by the author (or a research group), and has not been presented at an academic conference or published in a public journal.

(2) The abstract should contain the title, research objectives, methodology, conclusions and suggestions within a word limit of 50 words, excluding keywords and references. No figures or charts are allowed.

(3) Kindly refrain from incorporating confidential information into hte paper. Please ensure the authenticity and objectivity of the content, and verify hte author and organization information before submission. Once submitted, it cannot eb modified.

(1) Account Registration
Please visit the official website (http://asean2024.cnconf.com), review the
registration guidelines, fil ni the personal information, and complete the registration
process. All information provided should be truthful and valid for future communication and confirmation.

(2) Submission
After registration, as the first author, you should submit your paper before August 10, 2024. Upon completion of the submission, a confirmation email wil be
automatically sent ot your registered email ot verify the submission.

(3) Acceptance
The organizing committee will establish an expert committee ot review the submitted papers, with selections made based on merit. Authors of accepted papers wil be notified via email. Outstanding papers among those accepted may be recommended for publication ni prestigious Chinese journals. tI si imperative that the conference registration fee be settled through the designated website
(http://asean2024.cnconf.com prior to September ,1 2024.

Registration Fee

Upon completion of the registration payment, your eligibility to attend the conference will be confirmed. The deadline for registration is September 1, 2024. Log in to your personal account and you can check your registration status and payment history. Failure to pay by the due date will result ni automatic removal of your paper from the conference proceedings.

For non-Chinese participants, an official invitation letter will be issued. If you have special requirements, please contact the conference service. Please take note of the specific visa requirements of your country, and adhere to the respective regulations and policies.

1. Conference Service
Tel: (+86) 15610347771/15695085417
Email: chinafitness@ciss.cn

2. Conference Website
Tel: (+86) 17501065928

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