Your journey start here! Be someone who can change the World!

Everything starts from us!

Meet YOUth fellas to share ideas and build a longlasting friendships to create a Positive Impacts in our community.

Our Focus Program

Youth Empowerment

Strengthening social interest, skills and competency through entrepreneurship and education for our future

Economic Enhancement

Young generation with their skills & creativity will enhance the sustainable economic in the region.

Social Volunteerism

Share the awareness of Volunteerism to have more understanding among youth and society around us

Creative Thinking For An Innovative Business Technology: Industry 4.0

As we know that current technology is increasingly developed and there is progress where human life has been surpassed before by the change in the industrial revolution 1.0 in the process of producing goods, namely making everything with a steam engine. This discovery is very important, because before the advent of steam engines, at thatContinue reading “Creative Thinking For An Innovative Business Technology: Industry 4.0”

ASEAN Youth Conference 2019

ASEAN Youth Organization will conduct a conference for youth leaders and change makers in Thailand on 5-8 November 2019. The event is calling all young generations aged 17-27 years across Southeast Asia who wants to contribute in making changes on issues related to the three pillars of ASEAN: ASEAN Political and Security Community (APSC), ASEANContinue reading “ASEAN Youth Conference 2019”


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