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We are recruiting volunteers to work together with us and create social impact to our community, if you are interested to join us as Committee Member Term 2020-2022 please click the button below

Our Focus Program

Youth Empowerment

Strengthening social interest, skills and competency through Entrepreneurship and Education for our future

Economic Enhancement

Creating sustainable Economic Enhancement through the skills & creativity of youth in the region.

Social Volunteerism

Spreading awareness of Volunteerism to improve understanding among youth and society around us

Annual ASEAN Youth Conference
ONE ASEAN Dance by ASEAN Youth

Exploring Singapore’s Historical Kallang River

Being one of the most visited countries in the world, Singapore surely has a lot of fascinating tourist destinations to visit. If you are keen on visiting natural landmarks such as the rivers, beaches, and so on you should definitely visit Kallang River, one of Singapore’s historical natural wonders.