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Highlight Projects

AYO Training Program

Know more on how to maximizing your leadership potential in this diruptive era by joining our training.

AYO Sharing Session

Please join us for this great opportunity to share and motivate all of you with what we call the Tactics of Success.

Global Youth Roadmap 2020

AYO aims to impact 10 million youth by year 2025
by improving the employability of youth in ASEAN. We are looking for individuals and organizations that would like to support our mission

Our Focus Program

Youth Empowerment

Strengthening social interest, skills and competency through Entrepreneurship and Education for our future

Economic Enhancement

Creating sustainable Economic Enhancement through the skills & creativity of youth in the region.

Social Volunteerism

Spreading awareness of Volunteerism to improve understanding among youth and society around us

Annual ASEAN Youth Conference
ONE ASEAN Dance by ASEAN Youth

AYO Blogs

UN Day: A Diamond Jubilee, for the Extraordinary.

It’s 1945, and the Second World War has just ended. The horrors of the war were still heavily instilled in everyone’s mind; it was a gruelling fight with devastating tolls for all. At the time, everyone was sore and held resentment towards their opposition in one way or another.