ASEAN Youth Exchange

ASEAN Youth Exchange ia a biannual project by AYO to encourage participants to explore and use the best possible solution to tackle the issue that take place in their community. This includes environment and social issues.

This project aims to give the greatest possible exposure to participants by providing site visits to various places that gives inspiration to participants.

In ASEAN Youth Exchange Program, the delegates received many soft skill trainings by experst from different area. The program usually conducted in different countries for 10 days. Last year, the ASEAN Youth Exchange was succefully conducted in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. During the program, the delegates were able to visit National University of Singapore, University of Thammasat Thailand, and Bandung Technology Institute (ITB). We also had a chance to visit institutions and companies such as ASEAN Secretariat, Facebook, Bank Indonesia, Gojek, and many other.

Programs and Materials

  1. Design Thinking; conducted in Singapore 3 hours workshop Empower participants to think creatively and critically. Transforming ideas into reality through Design Thinking Process. At the end of the workshop, there will be a mini pitching competition to share their ideas with everyone and convince them when their product/service is practical.
  2. Leadership and Communication Skills; Creating effective leaders of tomorrow. Participants will get to undergo workshops on effective communication to convince their audience with conviction. Participants will learn public speaking and the importance of appropriate posture during the presentation.
  3. Environmental factors – Waste Management; allow participants to be aware of current environmental issues the world face, causing global warming leading to the extinction of rare species. Educate participants on the importance of using recycle bags, each person will receive a tote bag at the end. During the workshop, they will be tasks on how to innovate waste into useful resources via upskilling. (e.g. a plastic bottle into a pencil holder)
  4. *The programs will be different every year.

If you are interested to join this Program, please follow our Social Media and get the update about this program for AYE 2021.