ASEAN Youth Organization (AYO) is a youth-led community that comprises more than 400,000 Southeast Asian youths and registered as a Foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia. AYO is an ASEAN-approved non-profit organization that spreads awareness of ASEAN to over 200 million young people in Southeast Asia.

Through the regional programs such as, ASEAN Youth Conference, ASEAN Training, and ASEAN Youth Exchange, we empower youth to take action and engage local communities to implement impact-driven ideas/projects that create Positive Sustainable Change.

Main Focus Programs

Youth Empowerment

Strengthening social interest, skills & competency through education for our future.
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Social Volunteerism

Creating sustainable economic enhancement through the skills & creativity of youth in the region.
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Economic Enhancement

Spreading awareness of Volunteerism to improve understanding among youth and society around us
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