10 Years of Experience

Inspired by the ASEAN Community page on the social media platform in 2011, the ASEAN Youth Organization established as a Foundation in Jakarta on August, 15th 2013, and received a certificate of appreciation from ASEAN Secretariat for ASEAN Youth's contribution in disseminating the ASEAN Community to the grassroots.

In 2018, we received the ASEAN Name approval and established the AYO Social Enterprise in Singapore. Today, we have more than 200 team members and 16 chapters and networks across the globe.


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ASEAN Youth Leaders

Coming from a diverse background, the ASEAN Youth Organization team members have a strong voluntary commitment to work together to build the community without looking at the differences.


Senjaya Mulia Founder
Jayren Teo President
Agatha Lydia Managing Director


Youth-Led Organization

With ABCD Strategy (Asset-Based Community Development), AYO provides Youth with knowledge, skills, and abilities for them to bring back to their communities. We are available in all ASEAN countries and other network countries around the globe.