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Increase cultural knowledge

Work on a global and international scale

Real-life work applications

Gain professional network

Play a part in the rising youth movement

Opportunity to involve in international projects

Project based allowance

Getting personal development trainings


Dear all young future leaders, we're calling you to be part of this movement. Let's create a better world together! For youth, by youth.

Registration period: 18th August 2022 – 10th September 2022

Website Development

The Website Development Department of AYO focuses on managing the website of AYO and its affiliates, including AYO Enviro, Academy, and Research Center.

Website Officer (Positions: 8 people)

Marketing Communications Department

The Marketing Communications Department of AYO focuses on promoting and creating marketing collaterals for AYO and maintaining AYO’s branding through all the platforms we’re using. If you’re keen to learn more about marketing, social media, and brand strategy, we’re sure that you’re gonna be excited to join us!

Graphic Designer (Positions: 7 people)

TikTok Content Creator (Positions: 2 people)

Content Writer (Positions: 3 people)

Administrative Department

The Administrative Department of AYO provides office support to either an individual or the AYO team and is vital for the smooth running of a business process at AYO. Join us through the Administrative Department, and we’re sure you will get a chance to grow and improve your soft skills!

Admin Officer (Positions: 3 people)

AYO Academy

AYO Academy offers accessible educational opportunities and key impactful activities through the two pillars of Sustainable Development Goals and the ASEAN Work Plan on Education 2021 – 2025. Implications on subject-specific courses to resource sharing, the platform allows young adults to work or study cohesively among different individuals of cultural and national variations.

Project Lead (Position: 1 person)

Curriculum Procurement Officers (Positions: 5 people)

Foreign Languages Courses (English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) (Positions: 8 people)

Public Relations Officers (Positions: 5 people)

Social Media Officers (Positions: 2 people)

AYO Research Center

AYO Research Center (Recent) is a pan ASEAN Research center and an affiliate of the ASEAN Youth Organization. The research center was founded in September 2021 and worked through its extensive network of young researchers from across ASEAN and ASEAN + countries. The research center conducts independent research through its networks of seasoned researchers. It operates in International Law, Economy and Trade, Human Rights, International Relations and Security, Urban Development, Education, and the Environment.

Researcher (Positions: 30 people)

Deputy Head (Positions: 2 people)

Secretary (Position: 1 person)

Partnerships (Positions: 3 people)

Publication Team - Editors (Positions: 3 people)

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