A.Y.O is established with the objectives of promoting international understanding and goodwill parallel to the ASEAN Motto, and constituting one vision, one identity and one community.

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Under ASEAN Youth Organization (A.Y.O.) name, We are committed to bring more awareness of ASEAN Community towards society particularly Youths in ASEAN. To meet this commitment, we formulated five objectives, the following as details:

  • To serve as an avenue and platform for the youth for free-exchange of information and ideas on matters of interest within and outside ASEAN;
  • To promote awareness and interest towards the establishment of ASEAN Community and its three respective pillars (Political–Security Community, Economic Community, and Socio-Cultural Community).
  • To foster long-lasting friendship and understanding between ASEAN and non-ASEAN members;
  • To cooperate and collaborate with governments, NGOs, private organizations, and the ASEAN Secretariat on matters that would realize the ideals of the ASEAN Youth Organization; and
  • To empower the youth by organizing and conducting projects that improve their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors through instilling forward-looking ideas that would result in positive change in their respective communities.

One sharing and caring community

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