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Gender-based equality is a feat which is yet to be accomplished by every continent in the world. The intricacies of Gender and its implications on the mental/ physical/ emotional health of every person makes gender equality a crucial goal to achieve. Gender equality is enshrined as Goal 05 in the Sustainable Development Goals and calls upon all Nation States to strive for gender equality through means like legislation, protective and specialized schemes, research and judicial activism.

One of the ASEAN Youth Organization’s goals is to create a community where the gap and inequality is not exist. Thus, this webinar has been conducted to inform the ASEAN and ASEAN+ youth about issues related to Gender; inform the participants about SDGs and their importance; encourage the youth to participate in society as informed members to bring social change even if it is at a small/ local level; provide information on how to be more productive and more involved in activities
organized by ASEAN (if any).

This event was attended by more than 700 participants via Zoom, and 1,700 watch/participation via Facebook Live. 


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