AYC is an annual signature event of ASEAN Youth Organization that gathers Youth across the ASEAN and ASEAN’s partner countries.

ASEAN Youth Conference seeks to gather around 200 ASEAN youth leaders and change-makers from the region who are keen to create and implement an action program regarding ASEAN pillars. ASEAN Youth Organization recognizes the youth as catalysts for change and development.


ASEAN Youth Organization recognizes the youth as catalysts for change and development and therefore, we are pleased to introduce to you all – ASEAN YOUTH CONFERENCE, 2023 (AYC). AYC is the annual signature event of the ASEAN Youth Organization that gathers youth across the ASEAN and ASEAN’s partner countries. Since the establishment of the program in 2018, AYC has directly impacted 1,000+ Youth Leaders and has further influenced more than 30,000 ASEAN Youth as a part of our umbrella mission to create sustainable and actionable change.

This year AYC will gather around 150 ASEAN and International young leaders and change-makers who are keen to share their thoughts about various persisting challenges and opportunities in our society and further, help develop and implement international projects. ASEAN Youth Conference will be offline for 3 consecutive days in November 2023. This conference will be the youth’s contribution to implementing the agenda for peace, stability, solidarity, unity, prosperity, and sustainability in ASEAN in accordance with Indonesia’s chairmanship of ASEAN, “ASEAN Matters: Epicentrum of Growth.”

AYC operates in 3 pillars which stimulate the 3 ASEAN pillars – the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the ASEAN Political-Security Pillar (APSC), and the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Pillar (ASCC). AYC will also involve the preparation of a youth declaration that will be submitted to the ASEAN Secretariat. Delegates from each pillar would have an opportunity to directly make their voices heard through this declaration in reference to their chosen ASEAN pillar.



Given that the ASEAN Youth Organization (AYO) recognizes youth as catalysts for change and development, the ASEAN Youth Conference 2023 will focus on the role of youth in, on, and for the Southeast Asia region to establish firm fundamentals that support ASEAN’s long-term vision post-2025, or the so-called 2045 Vision, supporting Indonesia’s leadership in ASEAN chairmanship 2023.

Things you need to know before applying.


  1. The Applicants can be from any nationality in the age group of 17 to 35.
  2. The Applicants are advised to fill out the form with diligence and care. Pay attention to every detail and ensure they provide the correct and true information.
  3. All the Applicants must pay a non-refundable commitment fee of USD 5 ($5) while filling out the application form.
  4. Applicants contributing to ASEAN development through their work, study, research, or volunteer undertaking are desirable for selection.
  5. Applicants with prior experience in making business proposals and project implementation are desirable. However, applicants without any experience but affinity towards ASEAN-centric issues and enthusiasm to make their voices heard are encouraged to apply.
  6. All the applications will be considered and accepted on a rolling basis. The shortlisted applicants will be contacted via email, which will contain further instructions and details about making the final payment.
  7. There’s a total of 150 slots available for Any Nationality delegates. Applications will be closed by the 31st of August (First Wave).


  1. Create an account with AYO.
  2. Register for the ASEAN Youth Conference.
  3. Payment of Commitments Fee (5$)
  4. Refresh your account, and you will see the AYC Dashboard page.
  5. Double-check the T&C and other requirements, and continue with the Application process.
  6. Wait for the announcement and check your Application Status on the bottom part of the AYC Dashboard (During the announcement day)
  7. You may regularly check the AYC Dashboard and see your status there.

Payment Methods

ASEAN Youth Organization accepts several types of payment;

  1. Credit Card (Visa & Mastercard)
  2. Local Bank Transfer
  3. E-Wallet (Selected Countries)
  4. For any difficulties on international bank transfers, we will offer to the delegates to complete the payment to our Country Representative. The details will be sent after the request.


  1. We prefer credit card payment or e-wallet and it will directly appear on the payment landing page.
  2. If you choose local bank transfers, please contact ayc.support@aseanyouth.net with the subject: AYC Payment (Your country name). Our team will coordinate with you directly.


  1. Registration Fee 5 USD
  2. First Wave (Regular) Conference Fee: 330 USD
  3. Program only: 230 USD (Without Hotel)

*The last wave period will be open in September 2023.
*All payments will be in Indonesian Rupiah.

Fee Coverage


  1. Local Transportations
  2. Airport transfers
  3. Meals during the programs
  4. Gala Dinner and Cultural Night Activity.
  5. Hotel Accommodation 5 Days 4 Nights (2 people per room).
  6. Conference Meeting Package.
  7. Merchandise and Toolkits.

Not included:

  1. Personal Expenses
  2. Flight Tickets
  3. Travel Insurance
  4. Visa Fee


Observer Registration

We are also open for observers to join this ASEAN Youth Conference. If you are acting as Delegate’s guardian (Parent, Family, Teacher, or Professor) you are please register for the conference through the button below;


About AYC 2023


Other prominent speakers

Senjaya Mulia, Founder AYO
Y.B Prabhakaran
, Member of Parliament of Malaysia
H.E. Ambassador Marilyn Alarilla, prev. Philippines Ambassador
Prof. Danny Quah, Dean of Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
Agung Pamungkas, ASEAN Secretariat
Jayren Teo, Director AYO SE,
Rahmat H, Vice President of Daily Social
Dr. Bryan Sidhu, Chief Project Officer Majlis Ekonomi Malaysia
Christina Zhao, CEO Greenwell Science
Quentin Frcn, Innovation Director at Schoolab
Luong Nguyen, Head of Solutions Mapping, UNDP Vietnam
James Balzer, Program Lead AASYP
Hui Woon Tan, Founder & Managing Partners, Alley 51 Ventures
John Ditty, Partner at KPMG

Alex Aung Khant, Youngest Political Candidates of Myanmar
Agatha Lydia Nathania, Program Director of AYC 2019
H.E. Artauli Tobing, ASEAN IPR
Steve Cheah, GEN Thailand
Tongjai Thanachanan, C ASEAN
Margianta Surahman, One Young World
Gita Sjahrir, Entrepreneur
Dr. Prapaporn TM, Dean, School of Global Studies, Thammasat University
Nophabodee Koonmongkon, AIESEC Thailand
Ivana Suradja, AYO Enviro
Michael Huang, Program Director AYC2021
Regine Guevara, Asia TV

Many more..


General guidelines for delegate selection:

  1. The Applicants must be an ASEAN national in the age group of 18 to 32.
  2. Non-ASEAN citizen  and/or Youth professional in the age group of 33 to 40 are allowed to join as an observer and presenter on sharing session.
  3. The Applicants must submit a duly filled Application form. The Applicants MUST attach a 2 Pages long resume in the Application form. If this criteria is not met, the Application is liable to be rejected.
  4. It is advised that the Applicants fill the form with diligence and care. Paying attention to every detail and make sure they are providing the correct and true information.
  5. All the Applicants must pay a non-refundable commitment fee of USD 5 ($5) while filling the application form.
  6. All the applications will be considered and accepted on a rolling basis. The shortlisted Applicants will be contacted via email which would contain further instructions and details about making the final payment.
  7. Applicants must demonstrate affinity to contemporary ASEAN and Youth centric issues and this must be reflected in their resume and past experience.
  8. Applicants who have contributed to ASEAN development through their work, study, research or volunteer undertaking are desirable for selection.
  9. Applicants with prior experience in the field of research, community outreach and public speaking arenas are desirable. However, Applicants without any past experience but having affinity towards ASEAN centric issues and enthusiasm to make their voice heard are encouraged to apply.
  10. Applicants must specify their preferences for one of the three ASEAN pillars while filling the Application form. One candidate can only apply for One pillar.
  11. There’s a total of 180 seats for AYC, 2022. 90 Online and 90 Offline. Applications would be closed in the third week of August, 2022.

Information about the selection process:

  1. The selection process will be conducted by the AYC committee and would include the following process: Screening of CV and Application form + Essay.
  2. Only the Applicants who have been shortlisted will be intimated via email.
  3. The decision of the selection committee will be final and binding.
  4. The Applicants will be tested on the following criteria (not exhaustive) but inclusive of: Communication skills (active and passive listening and responding), Writing skills (Essay), Past relevant experience (CV screening), Clarity of Thought, Ability to navigate through the ideas through their essay, overall presentation, etc.
  5. The selection committee reserves the right to terminate any candidate from the selection process if they are found to be disrespectful or not behaving in a professional manner etc.



  1. Lay down some policy recommendations or plans of implementation which you believe will promote entrepreneurship in ASEAN the region.
  2. Strategies to revive  tourism in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam in a post pandemic world, particularly CBT.
  3. Do you think ASEAN needs a “vocal for local” strategy to preserve and promote generational long local businesses?
  4. Evaluation of FDI’s contribution in Cambodia’s economic development under BRI. How can the construction sector be transformed to promote economic growth?
  5. Evaluate the benefits for SMEs if there exists flexibility in the ASEAN taxation system. Do you believe such a policy is equitable?


  1. Have the hiring trends in ASEAN become more equitable? What are some of the challenges to equal pay in ASEAN?
  2. Discuss the issues of racism and discrimination in ASEAN. Critically highlighting the success and challenges in preserving rights of indigenous population.
  3. How can environmental challenges be coordinated among NGOs, public and the governments?
  4. Device a policy recommendation for Eradicating Poverty and Rural Development under ASCC
  5. ‘Women and children are the most vulnerable groups facing migration, lack of proper care and crimes as a result of climate change’. Comment.


  1. “Social media platforms should be a place for free expression and Governments should not censor  anything”.  Do you support this statement?
  2. ‘India-Japan-ASEAN’  success of this triangular nexus in preserving peace and security in the Indo-pacific region.
  3. Do you believe that the ASEAN sea is a hot spot for human rights violations and transnational crimes? Comment.
  4. Discuss the success of ASEAN as a pro-privacy and data secure community.
  5. Elucidate how should ASEAN deal with cyber espionage?


  1. The Applicants need to write about one of the given topics which relates to the pillar of their choice. For example: if you wish to be a delegate in the AEC, then you must write about one of the topics mentioned under the Economic pillar heading.
  2. The essays should be written in Font size 12, Font type: Times New Roman (TNR),  justified body, word limit is 1500 words and the essays should contain citations. The Applicants are free to use any citation style they prefer. The applicants must upload the file in a PDF format.
  3. The Essay should contain the Title of the manuscript (TNR Font size 14), center aligned and just below that the author needs to mention their full name as applicable on their Application form.
  4. The Essays will be scored on the following criteria:Writing skills, Clarity of Thought, Ability to navigate through the ideas through their essay, overall presentation, relevance to the topic etc.


The ASEAN Youth Organization provides partial scholarship to the selected delegates. In order to obtain this scholarships, the candidates should meet requirements below;

  1. ASEAN Citizenship
  2. Youth in the age group of 18-25
  3. English proficiency level is Advance/Good
  4. Completed the Pre-Registration Process
  5. Committed to attend the conference in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for Offline Selected Awardee, and zoom meeting for Online Selected Awardee.

*Scholarships will cover the Conference Fee, Hotel, Meals, and Local Transportation for offline or in person awardees. The flight tickets from/to Phnom Penh IS NOT INCLUDED.

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