ASEAN Youth Economic Forum 2023

In commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN-Japan friendship and cooperation under the theme of Golden Friendship, Golden Opportunities, the ASEAN Youth Organization is organizing the first and largest ASEAN Youth Economic Forum in Southeast Asia and supported by the AMEICC (AEM – METI Economic and Industrial Cooperation Committee) the AYEF 2023 program attempts to provide young leaders of ASEAN and Japan with the opportunity to directly engage, collaborate, and work hand-in-hand towards strengthening closer ties between the two regions.

With the main theme of “Building A More Inclusive Youth Participation in ASEAN-Japan Friendship”, this program will serve to promote people-to-people mobility, enhance mutual understanding between young people of ASEAN and Japan, as well as to provide the opportunity for a more inclusive youths participation in policymaking processes.

Research & Course

Understand the current trend and studies about circular economy in ASEAN.

Forum & Network

Connect with professionals across the globe and build the cooperations.

Site Visit

Direct learning from the industry player in circular economy and knowledge sharing.

Policy Discussion

Propose policy recommendation to the high-level stakeholders in ASEAN.

Sasono Mulyo Ballroom, Le Meridien Hotel (Public Forum)

Jakarta, 17 March 2023


CE Research

We need your support to explore the intersectional and cross-cutting priorities of Environment and Economic Development. The primary goal of this is to provide a solid foundation for ASEAN and Japanese youth innovation in policy action. There are several expected outcomes of this project, one of which is to use the research as a roadmap for implementing global projects targeting youth cooperation and ASEAN-Japan development in the area of circular economy.

Online Course

This online course introduces learners to the ASEAN Framework on Circular Economy's Strategic Priorities and interest in the circular economy programs. It will provide insight holistically, covering not only the environmental aspect but also from a trade, technological innovation, and financial market standpoint. After the completion of the course & passing the minimum grade points, you will receive an authorized e-certificate from AYO & AEM-METI Economic and Industry Cooperation Committee.

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Full Program

16-21 March 2023 (6D5N)
Jakarta, Indonesia

Full program of AYEF 2023 will start from 16 March 2023 and will be ended on 21 March 2023. The 6 days 5 night event will invite participants composed of around 20 ASEAN young professionals, policymakers, researchers, economists, government officials, and/or university students.

The program will consist of the public forum, policy dialogue, policy making, networking, and site visit. Youth Leaders and Professionals from Japan and all 11 ASEAN countries with work expertise, study focus or volunteering experience in sustainable development, circular and green economy, and youth leadership are encouraged to apply.

This full program is FULLY FUNDED and only limited to 20 delegates. Included: Return flight tickets (Departure must from/to one of ASEAN Countries or Japan), hotel, meeting package, meals during the program, merchandise, airport transfer, and local transportation.


  1. ASEAN and Japan Nationalities aged 18-35 years old (by March 2023) based in Japan and ASEAN countries are eligible to apply
  2. Possess a good command of English in writing and speaking
  3. Having a knowledge of cooperation between ASEAN and Japan related to the Circular Economy is more desirable
  4. Have an active passport of at least 6 months (valid until September 2023)
  5. Have obtained at least 3 doses of Covid-19 vaccination
  6. Youth with disabilities is encouraged to apply
  7. Required to fill in the Circular Economy Research HERE  
  8. You are being encourage to take the course HERE
  9. Have a background related to a circular economy, green growth, environmental policy and/or public policymaking
  10. Have a minimum of 2 (two) years of experience and currently work in institutions related to climate-change governance or study in the related field.
  11. Submit a Recommendation Letter from supervisor/lecture (please find the letter template HERE)
  12. Please prepare your current CV/Resume (In English) before you apply for the fully funding.
  13. We provide partial funding for waiting list applicants. Should you interested to obtain this partial funding, please checklist the form in the section partial funding needed.


Alouny Senduangdeth - Lao PDR
Amira Bilqis - Indonesia
Ayako Takao - Japan
Gerald John Guillermo - Philippines
Isaac Kow - Malaysia
Jitsai Santaputra - Thailand
Khairunnisa Ash'ari - Brunei Darussalam
Kittikun Saksung - Thailand
Kuncharee Thanaddoenkhao - Thailand
Kyaw Zaw Lin - Myanmar
Mohammad Zulhafiy Zol Bahari - Malaysia
Ngoc Vuong Hong - Viet Nam
Pirun Chan - Cambodia
Robi Kate Miranda - Philippines
Satrio Adi Wicaksono - Indonesia
Sho Takino - Japan
Tavis Tan - Singapore
Veronica Low Kai Lin - Singapore
Yen Nguyen - Vietnam
Yeni Pereira - Timor Leste

We have received nearly 400 applications for the ASEAN Youth Economic Forum Full Program. We are amazed by all of your experiences and works. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate everyone as we only have strictly limited spots. 

But don’t be sad! There are still countless of opportunities in the future and we look forward to have you in other programs!

Congratulations to the selected Delegates and see you in Jakarta for AYEF 2023!

Public Forum

Friday, 17 March 2023 (9am-4pm)
Sasono Mulyo Ballroom, Le Meridien Jakarta
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 18-20, Central Jakarta, Indonesia

AYEF Public Forum will be a full day event and will be attended by many professional and experts, government institutions, and high level speakers. This Public Forum will be opened for public with any nationality. Registration before the forum is required.

This forum is only limited to 100 public participants (On-site participation). Lunch, coffee break, and merchandise will be covered by Organizer.


  1. Any nationalities and ages are welcome to apply
  2. Possess a good command of English in writing and speaking
  3. Having a knowledge of cooperation between ASEAN and Japan related to the Circular Economy is more desirable
  4. Have obtained at least 3 doses of Covid-19 vaccination
  5. Person with disabilities is encouraged to apply
  6. Required to join Circular Economy Course HERE
  7. We encourage you to complete the course and obtained the e-certificate number before you apply the Public Forum.
  8. For you who cannot attend the forum on-site in Jakarta, we provide an access to join the forum online. Please choose online participation during your registration
  9. Deadline of application is 10 march 2023, so please apply before the deadline.

Are you representing an institution?

Partner with us and receive benefits as an exclusive partner for the ASEAN Youth Economic Forum 2023.

Join AYEF 2023 team as Volunteer

Be AYEF Volunteer and be a part of the community development. Apply before 6 January 2023.


If you are selected as full-funded or partial-funded delegates, you must participate in the entire program sequence (for six days). However, if you only want to participate in one program, you can register for the Public Forum which will be held on 17 March 2023 in Jakarta

There is no registration fee for this program.

If you register for the Public Forum, you only have to fill out the registration form and the survey form listed on the website. However, if you want to register for full-funded or partial-funded delegates, you must submit a CV, Recommendation Letter, and complete the registration form. For further information, you can access

A background related to the environment, circular economy, or policy-making would be a plus, but anyone with any background can still register for this program!

Make sure you complete all administrative requirements and register not close to the deadline to minimize the risk of interruptions in accessing the website due to the high number of users accessing the registration form page. Apart from that, you can also use essay questions in the registration form as a medium to show your high interest in being involved in this program and how realistic and strategic follow-up plans you will do after the program ends.

Yes, of course! If you don’t qualify for the fully-funded program, you can be automatically on the waiting list for the partially-funded program.

Fully funded will cover all the needs during the program; hotel, meals, meeting package, merchandise, local transportation, airport transfer, and site visit. Meanwhile, partially funded will not cover the flight ticket.

You can, but we only cover flights from ASEAN countries or Japan. Outside these countries, you have to cover the flight ticket (partially funded).