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Southeast Asia is home to a complex ethnic mix of peoples, a diverse, multicultural and inclusive region. With the growth of economic reforms, economic openness and more significant movement of people, Southeast Asia continues the traditional and modern discrimination. Racism and racial discrimination, both direct and indirect, occur daily for many people in all countries of ASEAN. There is the need to develop or elaborate action plans to prevent, combat and eradicate racial discrimination.

Along with the International Day of Living Together in Peace on the 16th of May with the spirit to increase harmony, peace and prosperity across the whole region and it also recognises the contribution of youth who are leading the charge on shared values and a sense of belonging in this broad, diverse regional community, to build a more sustainable future for all.

Therefore, the ASEAN Human Development Organization (AHDO) and ASEAN Youth Organization (AYO) tried to articulate this momentum to take part and solve the challenges by promoting and raising awareness of racism and civil rights issues at the workplace through a series of events in webinars, competition and video campaigns.

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Nearly 2,500 young people from ASEAN who are interested in the issues of Inclusion and Diversity were joining the webinar. Apart from this webinar, the ASEAN Youth Organization and AHDO produced a video campaign and published it on Instagram, facebook, and Youtube that aim to share the awareness of how important living with diversity and become more inclusive. This campaign videos has been watched by more than 3,000 people.


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