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AYO Social Enterprise
AYO Social Enterprise, Pte. Ltd. (AYOSE), also known as PT. AYO Kreasi Internasional (AKI), is a social enterprise founded in 2018. Our headquarters are in Jakarta, Indonesia. The organization aims to increase the social mobility of ASEAN youth. We achieve this by investing in youth entrepreneurship, youth development, and providing a platform for young people to collaborate with organizations on solving real-world problems. This empowers us to develop young people with the necessary competencies to navigate the complex ASEAN economy.
Supporting AYO
Our work is supported by strong partnerships with local organizations, such as the ASEAN Youth Organisation (AYO), which allows us to develop localized solutions.
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AYOSE Management

T. Kevin
Dai Shaoling
Shabil S. (Jau)
Nawang A.
Linthone B.


Deadline Submission of Application by April 10, 2024, at 23.59 GMT+7. 

General Requirements

  1. Passionate about working for an NGO in the field of youth empowerment and creating an impact on youth
  2. A dedicated person who can work independently to reach the company’s KPI
  3. Fluency in English and a good strategic communicator
  4. Excellent interpersonal skills for collaboration and teamwork
  5. Someone who can enjoy the work and have a sense of humor
Social Media Specialist - Full Time


  1. Passionate about social media content creation, particularly Instagram stories, feeds, and Reels.
  2. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills – someone who is confident and enjoys talking to others.
  3. A team player who can collaborate effectively with various departments within the company (AKI, AYO HQ, AYO Chapters, and AYO Affiliates).
  4. Proficiency in design tools like Canva, Figma, or Capcut (a plus).
  5. A degree in Visual Communication Design (DKV), Communication, or a similar field (preferred).

Job Description

  1. In charge of AYOSE and AYO HQ social media and assist the development of AYO Chapters with its Affiliates social media
  2. Report monthly social media evaluations of HQ, Chapters, and Affiliates whether it is reach for KPI and its evaluation
  3. Create monthly reports of AYO social media engagement development.
    Responding to AYO social media inquiries from public.
Content Creator - Part Time


  1. Fun, talkative, creative, and outgoing personality
  2. Adaptability to adjust content based on situations and social media platforms
    Ability to document live events and create press releases.
  3. Degree in Communication, DKV, or similar field (preferred).
  4. Proper recording device (minimum iPhone or DSLR preferred is a plus)

Job Description

  1. Create weekly and monthly creative content based on the company plan on the orientation
  2. Create live events and press releases on social media for all big AYO events (accommodation/compensations are available)
Videographer and Editor - Part Time


  1. Must have a proper recording device, preferably an iPhone or DSLR for HD quality videos.
  2. Proficiency in advanced editing tools like Adobe Photoshop and Figma, along with essential tools like Canva and Capcut.
  3. Ability to create engaging video content for social media platforms.
  4. Needs to be available to attend live events for documentation and press releases.
  5. A degree in Visual Communication Design (DKV), Film, or a similar field is preferred.

Job Description:

  1. Assist in photo or video editing of AYOSE/AKI and its AYO chapters with its affiliates.
  2. Create live events and press releases on social media for all big AYO events (accommodation/compensations are available)
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