How to Obtain AYO Academy Certificate?

Please visit the website of AYO Academy. Login to the platform if you have an account already or register as new student if you are a new user. 

Click menu Courses and find the course you want to learn, click enroll to join the course and you can start learning.

After you enrolled to a course, the materials and the content of the course will be opened and you can start learning.

The course will provide content for you to read and learn. There will be an evaluation or assignment of each course. After you complete all chapters and quizzes, you will get an auto-generated certificate and will have a unique number on each certificate.

In every chapter, you will see a complete course button on the top right position. You have to click that button before you continue to the next chapter. After you finish all chapters, you can just go back to your profile and go to Dashboard. You can check the Certificate number on that certificate.

After you complete the course, you can check the certificate and get the detail of the certificate based on your profile. So, please make sure you update your profile.