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ASEAN Cybersecurity Skilling Programme

ASEAN Cybersecurity Skilling Programme

How To Apply

The registration journey for the FREE Cybersecurity Course is as follows:

  1. Click “REGISTER NOW” Button below
  2. Choose enroll/sign up
  3. Choose “ASEAN Youth Organisation” for your NGO Affiliation;
  4. Fill out the rest of the required information and;
  5. Voìla! You’re ready to start learning Cybersecurity
The ASEAN Cybersecurity Skilling Programme is a flagship programme of ASEAN Foundation, in partnership with Microsoft. The ASEAN Foundation and Microsoft will collaborate with the ASEAN Youth Organization (AYO), whose vision and mission align with the programme’s objective to strengthen the ASEAN Community by having more digital skills and employability programmes. In this regard, AYO aims to enhance the capacities of 40 Indonesian teachers, non-profit trainers, facilitators, educators, youth job seekers, and fresh graduates to deliver cybersecurity knowledge and information to 2,000 end beneficiaries across ASEAN via the Empowerment Sessions

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Main Activities

Empowering Sessions

When: November 2022 – February 2023

Online: Live/Self-paced learning
Offline: Local University

Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Participants: Indonesian Youths aged 15 – 35 Years Old


    • Introduction to ASEAN Foundation and Microsoft
    • Cybersecurity Classes
    • Icebreaking Session
    • Reflective Session

Empowering Sessions


All youths age 15 to 35 years old

Noall participants is 100% free of charge.

It’s super simple! Just go to click sign up/enroll, for NGO Affiliations choose “ASEAN YOuth Organisation”, and you can start your course!

You can use English or Indonesia

If you still have an unanswered question after reading this Page and this FAQ, you can reach us at any time by email:

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