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About the Program

ASEAN DSE is a flagship programme under the ASEAN Foundation’s partnership with SAP, and it has been running for six years. It’s a regional data analytics programme with the enablement session as one of its programmatic segments. It is a data analytics training using SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).

The ASEAN Foundation and SAP is partnering with the ASEAN Youth Organization (AYO), whose vision and mission align with the programme’s objective to strengthen the ASEAN Community by having more data science skills and employability programmes.

In this regard, AYO aims to enhance the capacities of teachers, non-profit trainers, facilitators, educators, youth job seekers, and fresh graduates from Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam to deliver data science knowledge and information to more than 1,800 end beneficiaries

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Program Detail

Phase 2: Enablement Session

The enablement session is the second phase of the ADSE program. Master Trainers from Phase One will give trainings to end beneficiaries in their communities, rural areas, students, other youth, organizations, or other end beneficiaries.


Planning and implementation of Enablement Session: March – 31 May 2024

Reach 840 (Indonesia), 240 (Lao PDR) End Beneficiaries: 30 April 2024.

Reach Target for All Countries: 31 May 2024

  1. Indonesian and Lao Youths aged 17 – 35 Years Old.
  2. Grassroots / local organization, youth with disabilities, students (University or Senior High School)
  3. Strong interest in Data Science
  4. Able to commit to attending the 4-5 hour Training of Trainers (ToT) Workshop
  5. Able to communicate fluently in their local language (English, Lao, or Indonesian)
  1. Free SAP Data Science and SAP Application Builder Training
  2. SAP Data Science and Application Builder Certificate
  3. Chance to Compete and Win Regional Data Science Competition
  4. International Networks
  5. Priority Access to Future AYO Programs

During the Enablement session. The activity will be;

  • Introduction to ASEAN Foundation and SAP
  • Data science Classes
  • Icebreaking Session
  • Reflective Session

ADSE Call for Partners!

We thoroughly believe that ASEAN Youth Organization needs to partner with its stakeholder to increase the impacts of our programs such as ASEAN Data Science Explorer 2024. Therefore, we would like to invite organizations in Lao and Indonesia that are interested in data science to partner with us and receive some benefits such as:

  1. Obtain quotas for sending students in the Science and Technology field to become distinguished participants in Enablement Sessions;
  2. Get an enablement session with Master Trainers who have already received direct training from SAP experts;
  3. Recognized as a partner of the ASEAN Foundation;
  4. Students who partake in the program will receive an e-certificate of participation from the ASEAN Foundation and ASEAN Youth Organization (AYO)


  1. Send at least 30 members of your institution to take part in ASEAN DSE Enablement Sessions, which will be conducted online, and ensure their attendance;
  2. Help to promote ASEAN DSE Enablement Session 2024 within your network.


  1. Must be an Indonesian or Lao resident;
  2. Must have a background in Information Technology (IT)/Science, Technology, and/or other relevant fields;
  3. Must possess intermediate English skills (written and oral);
  4. Able to commit to attending the 4-5 hour Training of Trainers (ToT) Workshop;
  5. Able to commit to training the 100 end beneficiaries within 3 months.

Noall participants is 100% free of charge.

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The Training of Trainers(ToT) will be conducted in English, but the Enablement Sessions, which will be conducted by the Master Trainers who have attended the ToT, will be conducted in local languages

If you still have an unanswered question after reading this Page and this FAQ, you can reach us at any time by email: and cc to

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