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AYO Talk: Project Management

AYO Talk: Project Management

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Providing insights into workplace project management and offering specific tips and tricks for more effective project handling. The goal is to assist individuals working in project management roles, particularly those involved in social impact projects, in enhancing their skills and efficiency.


The outcome of the event dedicated to project management in the workplace, with a specific focus on social impact projects, was profoundly transformative for the participating project managers. The session not only provided a comprehensive overview of fundamental project management principles but also delivered specific, actionable tips and tricks aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of managing projects with a societal impact. Attendees left the event armed with a robust toolkit for navigating the intricate landscape of social impact projects, learning innovative strategies for resource optimization, stakeholder engagement, and timeline management. The collaborative atmosphere fostered insightful discussions, enabling project managers to share best practices and real-world challenges, thereby enriching the collective knowledge base. As a result, the outcome was not merely an augmentation of project management skills but a cultivation of a community of socially conscious project managers equipped to spearhead initiatives that contribute meaningfully to positive societal change. The event successfully bridged the gap between theory and practice, ensuring that participants could immediately apply their newfound knowledge to better manage and propel social impact projects forward.


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