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Perspectives on Social Transformation with Edwardneil Benavidez

Perspectives on Social Transformation with Edwardneil Benavidez

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This event shares information about perspectives on social transformation that describe how social change has changed from the past to the present through the guest speaker’s experience and how social transformation is the progress of evolution, such as the change from agriculture to industry.


The event provided insights into perspectives on social transformation, examining how societal change has evolved over time. Drawing from the guest speaker’s experiences, the discussion explored the concept of social transformation as a process of evolution, akin to the shift from agrarian societies to industrialization. By reflecting on historical transitions and contemporary developments, participants gained a deeper understanding of the dynamic nature of social change. The event highlighted the multifaceted factors driving societal transformation, from technological advancements to cultural shifts, and underscored the importance of adapting to these changes in fostering progress and development. Overall, the discussion provided a nuanced perspective on social transformation, emphasizing its ongoing nature and the need for continued adaptation and innovation in navigating changing societal landscapes.


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