[Workshop] Youths at the Helm: the Future of ASEAN-China Cooperation

[Workshop] Youths at the Helm: the Future of ASEAN-China Cooperation

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Masterpieces Untold is a dynamic platform dedicated to showcasing the beauty and diversity of cultural heritage from around the world. Through immersive experiences, interactive workshops, and thought-provoking discussions, we aim to unravel the stories behind these masterpieces and celebrate the rich tapestry of human creativity.

From ancient artifacts to contemporary art forms, Masterpieces Untold invites audiences to delve deeper into the cultural narratives that shape our collective identity. Our mission is to ignite curiosity, foster understanding, and inspire meaningful connections across borders and generations. Join us on a journey of discovery as we unlock the secrets of the world’s most fascinating masterpieces and celebrate the endless creativity of the human spirit.

Main Topics:

  • Reviewing the Milestones in ASEAN-China Cooperation
  • Prospects and Challenges of ASEAN-China Cooperation Moving Forward
  • Opportunities for Youth Participation and Collaboration in Enhancing ASEAN-China Cooperation
  • Leveraging technology and media, the role of youth leaders, etc.

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Date And Time

2024-03-01 @ 09:00 (WIB) to
2024-03-01 @ 15:00 (WIB)

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