What are the activities of the AYO Ambassador program?

  1. Attending the ASEAN Youth Training conducted by the organisation for at least 80% of the total training, including but not limited to:
    • Project Plan
    • Project Management
    • SDGs Class
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
  2. Mentoring with the respective mentors to guide during the program and project implementation
  3. Expand their outreach programs in universities, other organisations, and local districts to expand their impact on the local or international community.
  4. Connect to other students and youth leaders in their area(s) to AYO.
  5. Assist in publicising AYO events in the respective affiliated institutions and on various social media platforms
  6. Plan and execute at least 1 event in the community, city, region, or country.
  7. Implement and create a program of their choice through the help and guidance of the AYO Team and be able to create an impact on their targeted community.