What are the key metrics AYO uses to measure the success of the partnership?

Partnering with AYO isn’t just about vibes (although, good vibes are definitely a plus!), it’s about crushing your goals together. Here’s how AYO tracks how awesome a collab is:

  • Did your promo with AYO get people clicking, downloading, and RSVPing like crazy? AYO tracks these numbers to see if the partnership is generating serious buzz.
  • Social media mentions, website referrals – AYO keeps an eye on how much your brand awareness explodes thanks to the partnership. Think of it as your collab taking you viral (in a good way).
  • If your collab with AYO is all about boosting sales, they track the cold, hard cash it generates. This way, everyone knows the partnership is a win-win.
  • AYO measures how many hot new potential customers each partner scores thanks to the collab. It’s all about growing your squad, right?
  • AYO surveys both their crew and yours to see if everyone’s digging the partnership. Good vibes all around are key!

Bonus Points
Depending on the collab, AYO might track things like how many times your brand gets mentioned online, how many people show up to your co-hosted event, or how many downloads your joint content gets.

The key takeaway? AYO uses a mix of numbers and feels to see if a partnership is a total win.