The Youth committed to create a change!


The Activator team are working behind the scenes of AYO’s programs. With over 300 members across the globe, they are committed to creating impactful programs with a focus on Youth Development. 


Activator team works on a voluntary basis.


Working together as one and the differences makes us stronger.


A chance to connect to international networks.

Basic Requirements

Strong interest in Youth Development and Social Activities

Love to connect and collaborate with new networks

Have strong communication skills & willingness to grow.

Able to allocate time to contribute to the program discussion


To be on the AYO Activator team, the minimum age required is 18 years old, with a maximum age of 35 years old. 

AYO Activator members are located in many different countries in the world. You may reside in all countries

70% of our Activator members are ASEAN Citizen, and 30% of non-ASEAN Citizen. We accept all nationalities as long as you have interest in ASEAN and International Development.

Most of our Activator team are required to have ability to communicate in English.

You must have a strong interest in youth and community development programs, friendships and networking. 

Depending on the role taken. Different position will require different commitment.

Minimum contribution is around 9 months voluntary works. (3 months of training and introduction phase + 6 months of voluntary works)

A certificate of appreciation after 6 months joining with a good track record, international organizational experience, personal development trainings, international networks and many more, opportunity for being recruited for project based employee under the organization.

ASEAN Youth Organization accepts the member contribution fee $10/year to support the development of the organization. But if you can’t, don’t worry! You still can apply as Activator.

  1. This recruitment is valid until  31 may 2022, 11pm SGT/10pm JKT for AYO Website and Tech Department, Strategic and Sustainability Manager.
  2. Deadline for AYO Enviro Recruitment is 22 May 2022, 11.59 GMT+7.
  3. This is a Voluntary Based work, the organization is not providing monthly allowance for its members.
  4. By joining the AYO Activator team, you may get an opportunity to be hired as Project Based Employee under the organization and receive project based remuneration.
  5. All the open positions will require minimum 5 hours a week.
  6. Only selected candidates will receive a notification email/ invitation to continue to the next phase of recruitment process by maximum 14 days after the recruitment’s deadline. Please check your spam folder on your email during the day of announcement.
  • Increase cultural knowledge
  • Work on a global and international scale
  • Excellent avenue to put English into practice
  • Build an impressive portfolio working with a recognized organization
  • Real-life work applications also applied in this organization
  • Get to know a diverse group of people of various cultural backgrounds
  • Learn from the best and be surrounded by like-minded people
  • Gain professional contacts, qualifications, and networks
  • Represent your own country of origin and play a part in the rising youth movement
  • Being a part of the community and social development

AYO Enviro is AYO’s sister organization that focus on Environmental issues, AYO Enviro seeks to become a platform for ASEAN Youths to give back to the environment, address current issues facing the environment, and at the same time contribute to the sustainable development of the region.

Apply before 22 May 2022, 11.59 GMT+7.

Quota: 2 people
Deliverables: Creates IG Post and materials min. 4 contents/month

  1. Oversee AYO Enviro Facebook and Instagram accounts
  2. Research and prepare information for contents
  3. Coordinate with designer(s) to create content
  4. Post contents on AYO Enviro social media platforms
  5. Report metrics from uploaded contents

Quota: 1 person
Deliverables: Conduct IG Live min. 1 Live/month

  1. Develop topic, concept, and script for Instagram live session
  2. Identify and contact potential speakers and moderators
  3. Coordinate meetings with speakers and moderators
  4. Report metrics from Instagram live

Quota: 1 person

  1. Decide weekly content topics
  2. Review draft of content prepared by Social Media and Design teams
  3. Review draft of educational module prepared by Education team

Quota: 2 people
Deliverables/Job Description:

  1. Oversee AYO Enviro email account
  2. Develop partnership proposals
  3. Identify, contact, and maintain relationship with AYO Enviro partners

Quota: 2 people
Deliverables: Create 1 educational module/month
Specific requirement: Having environmental science or related field is a plus.

  1. Conduct research on an environmental topic for the module
  2. Create materials for the educational module
  3. Communicate with the AYO Academy team to publish content

Quota: 2 people
Deliverables: *check Job Description

  1. Create Instagram and Facebook posts using content prepared by the Social Media Officers
  2. Create flyer for Instagram live based on content prepared by the Digital Engagement Officers
  3. Design items to support AYO Enviro events (flyers, virtual background, proposal cover, etc.) as needed

In Website and Tech Department, you will be taking care of the organization’s technology and website related work. Including the website management, data management, analytics, SEO, UI/UX, and others.

Apply before 31 May 2022, 11.59 GMT+7.

Quota: 8 people
Deliverables: Taking care of the AYO and affiliates website.

  1. Oversee AYO Website and performance
  2. Plan, implement, manage, monitor, and upgrade the organization’s website.
  3. Website design Management
  4. Coordinate with designer(s) or UI/UX team to create contents
  5. Post contents on AYO Website
  6. Update HTML, CSS and JavaScript regularly
  7. Report metrics from uploaded contents

Specific Requirements:

  1. Understand and familiar with WordPress CMS
  2. Highly proficient in HTML, XHTML, CSS design, cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility, firewalls (functionality and maintenance)
  3. Great understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Per Click (PPC)
  4. Ability to troubleshoot website issues in a fast-paced environment
  5. Excellent content creation and writing skills
  6. Strong attention to detail with an analytical mind and outstanding problem-solving skills
  7. Understand CRM or Data Management is a plus

As the sustainability of the organization is one of the most key priority, we are inviting you to be part of this new team to to work together and think strategically to grow the organization. We are open for fresh ideas, innovation, and change!

Apply before 31 May 2022, 11.59 GMT+7.

Quota: 5 people

  1. Analyzing organization structures, procedures, processes, and the utilization of resources.
  2. Think strategically for the organization’s growth, implement ideas, manage and monitor the organization’s progress
  3. Brainstorm and create standard documents on the management strategy, fund-raising strategy
  4. Coordinate and gathers ideas from all department’s head and directors
  5. Conduct internal and external research about the organization’s perspective
  6. Maintain the relationships with the stakeholders
  7. Maintain and promote the organization’s culture internally and externally.
  8. Work closely with the Board of Director of the organization.
  9. Measuring the impact of interventions on staff performance, efficiency, employee retention, and job satisfaction.

Specific Requirements:

  1. Minimum 3 years experience in Organization Development (NPO/NGO/Educational/other institution)
  2. Have an experience working together with International organizations
  3. Understand the organization management, structure, and strategic planning.
  4. Extensive knowledge of skills development and capacity building strategies.
  5. Excellent leadership and collaboration skills.
  6. Superb analytical and time-management skills.

AYO Recent is a Pan ASEAN Research center and an affiliate of ASEAN Youth Organization. The research center was founded in 2021 and consists of young researchers from across ASEAN and ASEAN + countries.

Apply before 31 May 2022, 11.59 GMT+7.

Quota: 6 people

  1. Ensure all publication materials that require key visuals and designs are submitted on time, in an orderly and appropriate manner.
  2. Ensure that borrowed content and other key visuals are used with an appropriate license and got permission from the third party.
  3. Produce original and creative design on his or her own
  4. Design publications for AYO Recent projects, including banner and social media posts, post-research document/publication.
  5. Note: Portfolio is required. Upload your portfolio on Google Drive, and share the link on application form. 
Open for 5 People
Specific Requirements
– Able to operate CMS WordPress
– Knowledge on front-end technologies including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
– Understand the website architecture and aesthetics
– Understand and familiar with Elementor (is preferable)
– Maintain and monitoring the website performance
– Troubleshooting Issues
– Designing and building the front-end
– Designing and managing the website back-end including database and server integration

Open for 5 people

Specific Requirements:
– Understand and familiar with Google Analytics
– Able to create a campaign strategy on Social Media
– Able to operate Photoshop, AI, or other designing application

– Develop and maintain the website’s UI/UX 
– Create and provide designs for AYO Website

Open for 3 people
Specific Requirements:

– Have a strong communication and team-work player
– Knowledge on Google Analytics, Funnel, UTM Builder
– Knowledge on Facebook Analytics, Ads Manager, Facebook for Business, Monetization, and other analytics tool

– Create the Campaign Strategy of the organization
– Campaign analysis
– Work closely with the Partnerships Team and Marketing Communication team to decide the Monthly KPI

Open for 10 People

Specific Requirements:
– Enjoy to work with the team to create educational content for the Youth
– Love to teach, train, and communicate with people
– Able to think strategically in Educational and Empowerment program
– Have a high level of creativity and innovation skills

– Think strategically on AYO Academy Syllabus and Curriculum
– Create the AYO Academy Content (Personal Development, Hard and Soft Skill, of particular expertise)
– Able to produce 1-2 educational content/month

Open for 10 People

Specific Requirements:
– Enjoy to work with the team to conduct research on particular issues related to Youth Development, Sustainable Development Goals, and other social issues.
– Knowledge on quantitative and qualitative research
– Ability to operate Microsoft office, Google Drive, Forms, and other tools to support the research
– Creative, innovative, and critical thinking


– Conduct the research targeting ASEAN People/beyond
– Create a monthly analysis reports on particular issues happening in ASEAN.
– Work closely with Blog and Content writers to publish the research result

  1. This recruitment is open until 25 July 2021, 11pm SGT/10pm JKT.
  2. This is a Voluntary Based work, the organization will not provide any monthly allowance for any member.
  3. By joining AYO Creator team, you may get an opportunity to get hired as Project Based Employee under the organization and receive a project based allowance.
  4. All the open positions will require minimum 5 hours a week to work together within the project.
  5. For UI/UX Manager position, please prepare your portfolio before you apply the position.
  6. For Academy Content Manager, please prepare one page of personal development or Empowerment or Soft skills training article.
  7. Only selected candidates will received an invitation to continue to the next phase of recruitment process which is interview session.