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About The Scholarship

Established in 2009 by the Leiden Minerva Student Association, the Minerva Scholarship Fund (MSF) supports ambitious study cultures by providing scholarships for academic projects, particularly abroad. With a focus on transparency and accessibility, the MSF ensures funds directly benefit students. Through fundraising efforts and alumni support, the MSF empowers students to excel during their formative years.

To apply for the Minerva Scholarship Fund, you must:

  1. Be currently enrolled as a student at Leiden University (both bachelor and master students are eligible).
  2. International students studying at Leiden University are eligible to apply, but those living abroad and intending to come to Leiden University cannot apply.
  3. Membership in L.S.V. Minerva is not required.
  4. The application must involve an exceptional or prestigious study or research project outside of the Netherlands.
  5. The project must not have already commenced.
  6. The project must fall into one of the following categories: internship, study, or research.
  7. Scholarships are not awarded for projects within the Netherlands.



The Application will open on 15 April

The Minerva Scholarship Fund provides funding from €900 to €2000.

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