ASEAN Youth Exchange

ASEAN Youth Exchange aims to encourage participants to explore and use the best possible solution to tackle the issues that take place in their community. This includes environmental, entrepreneurship, and social issues. This project aims to give the greatest possible exposure to participants by providing site visits to various places that give inspiration to participants

Inline with ASEAN Youth Organization objectives which are to provide an avenue for young people to free-exchange information and ideas on matters related to the ASEAN Community, building up the long-lasting friendship amongst young people in Southeast-Asia, and increase the participation of young people in community development, the program of ASEAN Youth Exchange is expected to give more experience to them to learn more about ASEAN countries and care more about their neighbors, so as to promote inter-cultural ties in the region. With cross-country collaboration, we will be able to solve our problems better, since many problems affect everyone regardless of nationality.

Programs and Materials

  1. Series of activities aimed at increasing the top 10 skills needed for Youth (according to the Future of Jobs Report, World Economic Forum). In this program, participants will be explained why 10 selected skills are important for them to apply or have, ranging from explaining the strengths of each skill to applying the skills in an organization or job.
  2. Leadership and Brainstorming session to solve one of the ASEAN problems (related to their country) and solve it with innovative and sustainable solutions. At the end of the program, all participants are encouraged to fill the evaluation form so that we can bring their new insights and directions to our team.
  3. Leadership and Communication Skills; Creating effective leaders of tomorrow. Participants will get to undergo a workshop on effective communication to convince their audience with conviction. Participants will learn public speaking and the importance of appropriate posture during a presentation.
  4. Entrepreneurships workshops; is a brainstorm and sharing session with startup founders, business owners, startup hub, and other entrepreneurial related people. Learning from the experts on how to build and start a business and become an entrepreneur.


Fee and Accommodation

This is Paid programs for 7-10 Days of travels. Program fee will cover all accommodation, local transport, training and workshops, meals. Participants may cover their own flight ticket from or to the venue and travel insurance.

*Partial Scholarships are available for this program


ASEAN Youth Exchange is coming soon in July 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand and Jakarta, Indonesia for approximately 8 days program. The program will include the workshops, training, site visits, and cultural and tourism visit.

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